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Laser vision correction surgery is one of the most popular forms of elective surgery in the world. While there are several different techniques available, all focus on correcting the way that light is refracted by your eyes so that you can see clearly without using prescription lenses.

Just like other types of surgery, what you do ahead of your laser vision correction procedure can make a big difference to its success. Preparing correctly can minimize your risk of complications, ensure you heal quickly, and improve the overall outcome for your vision.

Here are our ten top tips to prepare for laser vision correction surgery

1 – Turn Up On Time

Running late can be extremely stressful, and this can add to any worries or anxiety you have about undergoing a laser vision correction procedure. Make sure you plan to leave your home in plenty of time to arrive at your appointment, taking into account your method of transportation. Public transport can be delayed, so give yourself enough time for your journey without having to rush.

2 – Don’t Bring Kids To The Office

We understand that getting childcare isn’t always easy, but we strongly advise patients and those people driving the patient to leave any young children with a trusted friend or family member. Kids can be distracting and keeping them entertained can be stressful. They also don’t understand the importance of protecting your eyes after surgery and could accidentally cause harm.

3 – Avoid Caffeinated Drinks The Morning Of Your Surgery

A cup of coffee might be your favorite way to start the day, but we recommend that patients having laser vision correction surgery stick to drinking water on the day of their appointment. This is because caffeinated drinks can cause eyes to feel dry, which could make your eyes feel uncomfortable and exacerbate the aftereffects of your procedure.

4 – Have A Decent Meal Beforehand

Nobody likes to be hungry, and while nervous anticipation could be affecting your appetite before your surgery, it would be best if you had a filling and nutritious meal beforehand. This will stop you from feeling hungry during or immediately after surgery and will help you to sleep during the immediate recovery period.

5 – Wear Wide-Necked Or Button-Down Clothing

You’ll need to be careful of anything touching your eyes following your surgery, so we advise patients to wear clothes that they can easily take off over the head without touching their face. Alternatively, if you choose a button-fronted top you can probably avoid taking anything over the top of your head at all.

6 – Prepare To Rest At Home Following Your Surgery

Once your laser vision correction surgery is complete, your surgeon will recommend that you go home and try and sleep for at least a few hours. This will give your eyes time to rest and enable healing to start taking place without any additional pressure on your eyes or vision.

7 – Turn Your Cell Phone Off

Laser technology can be sensitive to interference from cellular devices, so we would ask all patients to turn their cell phones off before they enter the LASIK suite.

8 – Schedule A Few Days Off

Just because it isn’t open surgery doesn’t mean that you don’t need time for your eyes to heal and recover following your laser vision correction surgery. Your eyes will feel sore and tired for at least a few days, and it’s important that you rest them as much as you can. Ideally, you should take at least a few days away from work so that you can get the rest that you need to minimize your risk of post-surgery complications. Many of our patients choose to have their surgery on Fridays or Saturdays to rest their eyes over the weekend.

9 – Bring Someone To Drive You Home

You won’t be able to drive immediately after your LASIK procedure, or for at least a few days until your surgeon has checked that your eyesight meets the standard required for driving with uncorrected vision. Make sure you have someone who is happy to drive you to and from your appointments.

10 – Don’t Stress!

Laser vision correction surgery is extremely safe and successful. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to speak to our laser vision surgeons at Manhattan LASIK Center about them. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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