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What our patients say

“My daughter and I are smiling and screaming the awesomeness of Manhattan Lasik Center!”

We did our procedure one after the other, and less than 24 hours later we can see, drive, and were both back to work the next day. The staff was caring, patient, and Thai put our mind at ease from the onset. Dr. Niksarli did both of our procedures and made us feel comfortable the entire time. Highly, highly recommend! We both had been wearing glasses since we were 9…

Benita C., SMILE Patient

“Getting Zeiss SMILE at Manhattan LASIK Center changed my life!”

I had very bad vision and astigmatism. Previously, I went to two other LASIK centers near my hometown but ended up not being a candidate for Traditional LASIK due to dry eyes. However, I was a candidate for the Zeiss SMILE procedure since it is suitable for those with dry eyes.

SMILE is worth the investment, the recovery is quick and it does not cause dry eyes. After two decades of bad vision, I can finally see without glasses or contacts, all thanks to Dr. Buchsbaum and Manhattan LASIK Center! The freedom of waking up and seeing everything crystal clear or doing simple things such as wearing sunglasses without putting on contact lenses is the best feeling.

Stephanie C., SMILE Patient

“If you are thinking about getting SMILE and are as nervous as I was about doing it, this review is for you! I cannot speak more highly of my experience with Manhattan LASIK and Dr. Niksarli.”

The day of surgery, the center was very welcoming, as were the people (everyone was so nice). During the surgery barely I felt absolutely no discomfort whatsoever at any point. They do one eye at a time, and the eye not being worked on is kept closed. I cannot emphasize enough how gentle and light of hand Dr. Niksarli was – even the simple task of moving my eyelashes so they didn’t get caught was so gentle! 

The first part is the laser, which only lasts about 30 seconds per eye, and you literally feel NOTHING. All you do is look at a red dot – that’s it! Then they close that eye and do the same thing to the other. The second step, you look at a bright white light instead of a red dot, and everything is blurry, so you don’t see anything but the light. Dr. Niksarli talked to me throughout the entire thing, and told me how great I was doing, which was very comforting. Before I knew it, we were done! The whole thing lasted maybe 20-25 minutes.

My vision was immediately clear, aside from some blurring around the edges. If you are on the fence or feeling nervous, take this as your sign to DO IT! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Trust me when I say you’ll come out of there thinking, “that was it?” Thank you so much, Dr. Niksarli and team – this was a life-changing experience, and I am so grateful not only for my sight, but for being made to feel so welcomed, comforted, and well taken care of throughout the entire process!

Caitlin K., SMILE Patient

“Having good eyesight is a blessing. It’s life-changing.”

The procedure took 10 minutes, and I felt absolutely nothing. Dr. B was extremely informative, down-to-earth, and explained the procedure every step of the way.

Mathew F., SMILE Patient

“I AM THRILLED!! After SMILE, I see better than I did with glasses. It’s like a true miracle.”

Dr. Niksarli is the BEST! He makes you feel comfortable. And he has done more procedures than anyone in the country. If you are a doctor snob like me, he went to Columbia, Cornell, and Harvard. If you are at all nervous but want to do it, this is the guy.

Two weeks ago, I had the SMILE procedure which is less damaging than LASIK because it doesn’t have a flap. No restrictions other than wearing sunglasses outside for the first few days. The first day I was blurry because my eyes were dilated, but when I woke up the next morning it was the first time I could see clearly since the 4th grade!

I wore progressive lenses and had monovision done. I love it so much that my son, Michael, is having it done over Thanksgiving Break so he doesn’t have to live blind (!) for years as I did!

Keri D., SMILE Patient

“I had the most pleasant, easy, and worry-free experience at the Westchester location.”

Dr Buchsbaum was so calming (he has such a soothing demeanor and voice) and answered all my questions. He was super careful in gauging my prescription prior to the SMILE surgery. During the surgery, he let me know exactly what was going on. I have had perfect vision since leaving the center and the entire experience was pain-free. It’s LIFE CHANGING to be able to see, right off the bat when I wake up. I would recommend this surgery and this center to anyone.

Christina H., SMILE Patient

“My Kerato Eye Color Change experience at Manhattan LASIK Center was great. My surgeon, Dr. Niksarli, was superb!”

Wilfred V., Keratopigmentation Patient

“I went to sleep and woke up to an amazing 20/20 vision. The rest is history.”

I was well prepared when it came to the information on the technique, the technology, and the facility. I saw a few people there who had just finished their treatment and they said it changed their lives. They made me feel so comfortable alongside the staff that I went on and did the surgery that same day!

Just like everyone says, “It changes your life; and it was the best decision I’ve made in my life”. I went to Times Square the next day to enjoy my new vision. Great Doctor, great staff, great experience. Overall excellent! 

Nixon J., SMILE Patient

“This world-class institution provides a professional, compassionate, and thoroughly modern approach to lasik surgery that’s well worthy of its five-star rating.”

From the moment you step foot in their state-of-the-art facility, it’s apparent that MLC is not just any eye center. Immaculately clean and meticulously designed, the center infuses every interaction with an air of thoughtful sophistication that assures you are in capable hands.

The center’s staff truly differentiates it from other medical facilities. Their exceptional team, with their blend of warmth, professionalism, and expertise, immediately makes you feel comfortable and well-informed. They make a concerted effort to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and clearly explain each step of the lasik process, ensuring that you are not just another patient, but a valued individual.

But what’s truly astonishing about the Manhattan Lasik Center is their mastery over the lasik technique itself. The procedure, guided by the steady hands of the highly skilled surgeons, utilizes the latest in laser technology, ensuring a precision that’s truly awe-inspiring. The operation, which is brief and painless, is carried out with such meticulous care that it’s clear this isn’t just a routine for them – it’s an art form. I am very happy with my vision after surgery and my experience there.

Christopher G., SMILE Patient

“Getting SMILE was the best decision I ever made.”

I have had a horrible vision since I was 10. Gradually each year, it would get worse. I used to need my glasses to be able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

I can’t describe to you the amount of freedom I feel from not having to put my glasses on – something so simple!

Shainae C., SMILE Patient

“I had a wonderful and easy experience here. Highly recommend it.”

All of my nerves were soothed and I felt very clear about everything that was happening. My only regret is not doing it sooner!

Erin C., SMILE Patient

“This is the best investment I’ve made thus far.”

From the consultation to the actual surgery, it was so efficient and smooth. The teddy bear and blanket to make you feel comfortable was the best addition. I felt so protected and cared for. Overall, great experience.

Francis S., SMILE Patient

“Getting SMILE was the best medical decision I made in my life so far.”

Here is a throwback photo back when I wore glasses. I must add that I’m a pretty lucky to be a healthy person to begin with and haven’t had any major medical procedures in my life.

Since having SMILE, I can feel how convenient it is to not have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. I’m an avid motorcycle rider and outdoors person and not having my glasses fog up or get dirty during rigorous activities is amazing and safer for me. 

I love waking up in the morning or from a nap and immediately having crystal clear vision when I open my eyes! Even the smallest things like looking under a tight area below a display case for cat toys is now easier. Thank you Manhattan LASIK Center!

Rafael M., SMILE Patient

“SMILE was fast, easy, and painless.”

Within a day I had perfect vision. Dr. Buchsbaum did a fantastic job. Thank you to all at Manhattan LASIK Center! They set me completely at ease, and made my experience an excellent one.

Eric J., SMILE Patient

“My experience was nothing short of amazing.”

I was extremely nervous and had been putting off the procedure for years! The doctor was amazing, and the whole experience was so smooth that my only regret is that I haven’t done this sooner.

Oksana P., SMILE Patient

“Being able to see without glasses and contacts is truly amazing.”

Best decision I’ve ever made! I had SMILE done last week. Recovery was one day, and I was good to drive, work and do all regular stuff the next day. Everyone was all super thoughtful, kind, and great at what they do.

All the details and info they shared when I booked were incredibly transparent, and accurate to what they described and sent over. I went back and forth on doing Lasik or Smile for about 10 years, and had I known this was so painless and stress-free, I would have done it 10 years ago!

I highly recommend this practice based on my experience.

Jake A., SMILE Patient

“I am extremely happy with the results of SMILE.”

One of the best decisions I have made!

Sue Ann I., SMILE Patient

“I had SMILE five months ago and it was the best decision ever.”

The procedure was easy and fun. The very next day I felt amazing, and could see everything clearly. Also, I don’t need to deal with foggy glasses in the rain anymore!

Irina M., SMILE Patient

“I could see the next day!”

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing SMILE was. I think this is the BEST investment I ever made and I mean it. I highly recommend this facility to get your LASIK surgery.

Peter Q., SMILE Patient

“Highly recommend Manhattan LASIK Center.”

During the procedure Dr. Niksarli made sure I felt comfortable and constantly gave me updates and told me what came next to calm my nerves. The staff is all very personable and kind, and I felt well taken care of.

Chelsea D., SMILE Patient

“No glasses or contacts for me anymore!”

I got the SMILE procedure done by Dr. Buchsbaum at Manhattan LASIK Center. Super friendly staff and Dr. Buchsbaum is great.

I would totally recommend investing in this procedure – it is awesome.

Jose S., SMILE Patient

“I went to an event just a few days after my SMILE procedure.”

So happy I didn’t have to wear contacts; now I have clear vision without the hassle!

The staff was very friendly and attentive. Dr. Buchsbaum was very informative, letting me know ahead of time what to expect during the procedure, and talking me through the procedure so I could be relaxed. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and now I am glasses-free! Thank you Manhattan LASIK Center.

Ariana S., SMILE Patient

“My experience at Manhattan LASIK Center was amazing.”

Before the procedure: As soon as I walked in the staff treated me with professionalism. The care they provided for me was top notch. I was a bit nervous before the procedure but the care and information provided by my surgery helped me relax.

During the procedure: The procedure was painless and I had no discomfort whatsoever during and after. During the procedure my surgeon guided me through each step of the SMILE procedure. 

After the procedure: 24hrs later I had clear vision. I have been using glasses since I was 6-7 years old. My glasses prescription was very high and every year it was getting higher. I had astigmatism and now I can see clearly, and I’m loving it! Best decision I’ve ever made.

Rose R., SMILE Patient

“I cannot recommend SMILE enough; one of the best investments ever.”

The procedure was 100% painless – before, during, and after. I was able to resume my normal activities the following day with crystal clear vision. Thank you Dr. B and staff!

Kelly C., SMILE Patient

“If you’re thinking about it, just do it!”

Manhattan LASIK Center made my SMILE experience absolutely seamless. It was easy and SO quick!

Dr. Buchsbaum made me feel so comfortable through every step. Didn’t feel a thing. Walked out and I could see! Thank you so much MLC!

Lisa S., SMILE Patient

“I was able to see right after the surgery!”

As a new mom, wearing eyeglasses had been such an inconvenience. My friend told me about her SMILE experience and recommended me to do it as well.

My experience has been great and easy. Manhattan LASIK Center offers same day surgery and everything took less than two hours!

Aileen, SMILE Patient

“If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would!”

The most professional yet personable experience from the start to the end! Nicole was my first contact person and she was very thorough with information and she had so much patience answering my questions. On the day of the procedure, the entire staff and all of the Doctors at the center were so friendly, courteous, and extremely professional. They were all attentive and concerned about my well being and ensured my experience went smoothly.

The SMILE procedure was super smooth and painless. Dr. Buchsbaum explained every step to me and it made me less anxious knowing I was in good hands. I highly recommend this life changing procedure at Manhattan LASIK Center. Thank you Dr. Buchsbaum, Dr. Niksarli, and Staff for a professional, top notch, life changing service!

Ana M., SMILE Patient

“I can’t believe I did it!”

I got laser vision correction with a new procedure called SMILE. It is very similar to LASIK, but less invasive and is less likely to have “dry eyes” side effects. Our world is so beautiful, and I want to see all of it bright and clear!

Quick facts about procedure:
– You’ll spend about 2-3 hours in the clinic total
– They will check your vision and whether you are a good candidate for surgery
– The surgery is 100% painless and takes about 10 minutes per each eye
– You’ll have to wear sunglasses provided by the clinic the day of procedure, and when outside for the next week, to protect your eyes from UV light

So happy and grateful to be able to see the world 100% clear now! Thank you friends who recommended and advised me to do it!

Daria S., SMILE Patient

“I was playing ice hockey the same evening of my SMILE procedure…”

Just in time to bring home the winning cup!

Israel T., SMILE Patient

“SMILE was the best decision I ever made.”

It has been exactly a year since I had SMILE. It was such a great feeling waking up the following morning and being able to look at the alarm clock without having to reach for my glasses. Dr. Buchsbaum was phenomenal, and the staff was extremely nice and accommodating.

Dr. Buchsbaum listens to your questions and concerns. Although, he is soft-spoken, he gives a thorough explanation and will put your mind at ease. In closing, if Google allowed me to give Dr. Buchsbaum and his staff a higher rating, I would.

Adam S., SMILE Patient

“SMILE is SO worth it and Manhattan LASIK is the place to go and trust!”

Dr. Niksarli and his entire team are absolutely amazing and made sure that I had a comfortable, positive experience. I was surprised at how fast the procedure itself is and how very little downtime is needed. You can not imagine how one quick and painless procedure will change your life!

I experienced improved vision immediately after the surgery and woke up the next day completely in awe of my ability to see without glasses! To be able to wake up and see the view outside of the window, clocks, labels on packaging from a distance, people’s faces, a television screen— without glasses, without fog… it’s incredible! Thank you Dr. Niksarli and team!

Crystal M., SMILE Patient

“I can’t believe great vision was one plane and bus ride away!”

I had same-day SMILE surgery, with such a competent and friendly team at Manhattan LASIK Center. What I admire about this center was the courtesy extended to two unexpected, unannounced travelers who were desperate for out-of-country treatment (We’re from Trinidad and Tobago). We walked out with the full service and still had our entire afternoon free!

SMILE took only a few minutes…and I have a new path to walk now. I had postponed this eye surgery out of fear for so long, but after having this experience I can assure anyone who is interested that it’s amazing to be glasses-free!”

Nicholas F., SMILE Patient

“I am thankful to Manhattan LASIK Center for making my dream come true, and happy with myself because I finally took that step.”

I feel the services in this city, better than any other, fit the quality and professional commitment standards I demand from any service. After my experience at the Manhattan LASIK Center, I can tell I made the right decision.

  • Overall, the process was smooth and timely
  • Before the procedure, they helped me over the phone with my many questions
  • During my two visits (for the surgery and the follow-up,) I felt safe and relaxed, comfortable with the personal and medical treatment
  • After the procedure, the doctor reached out during his weekend to make sure everything was in order
  • And the results, well, I do not need my glasses anymore and have no complications at all!

Ivan M., SMILE Patient

“Can you believe this selfie was taken the day after my SMILE eye surgery? That’s how quick the recovery period is.”

No more glasses & contacts for me! The procedure was extremely comfortable, fast, and painless. Dr. Buchsbaum is the best. I HIGHLY recommend Manhattan LASIK Center. I had an amazing experience and cannot express how blessed I am to be able to see clearly again!

Tiffany L., SMILE Patient

“Thank you for giving me a sense of peace while undergoing eye surgery and equally as important, a new outlook on life.”

This has been something I’ve been wanting to do (I’ve been wearing glasses half my life) and now as a new mom, I wanted to experience life with my son with corrected vision. I was able to take photos for his 1st birthday just 4 days after my surgery and it felt amazing being able to see everything that was going on! Dr. Buchsbaum gave me a step-by-step, hand-holding experience and I am forever grateful. My surgery was fast and pain-free. Just to put things into perspective—when he told me he was done performing surgery on my right eye, I couldn’t believe it. I felt even more confident, having Dr. Buchsbaum perform my left eye. My only regret is not getting it sooner.

Andreina R., SMILE Patient

“It was the best decision ever and I cannot believe I waited this long.”

I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 and being able to see has always been the biggest dream of mine! After doing tons of research and consulting with a couple different doctors, I decided to go with MLC since they offer SMILE, the newest and most recent innovation in laser vision correction, and same day procedure. The full eye exam took about an hour and a half, and the whole procedure took about 15 minutes, absolutely painless! Dr. Buchsbaum walked me through the whole thing. And then tah dah, my life had changed!

Kha F., SMILE Patient

“I’m still in awe of the procedure and the ability to see with my own eyes.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve needed glasses or contacts and everything was a blur without them. Being able to wake up and seeing my kids’ beautiful faces makes all the difference in the world. They are my reason for getting SMILE. Having this procedure was one of the best decisions of my life.

Andrea A., SMILE Patient

“I was able to see better the same day.”

…I had SMILE, only within hours of the operation! My vision is now amazing. I am truly thankful to Manhattan LASIK Center for changing my life.

Zaher A., SMILE Patient

“My vision is now exceptional.”

I am very pleased with the service and the staff were really nice. I have not seen this good in years. The doctors are extremely experienced and professional. It was one of the best decisions I made. High recommended!

Zaki U., SMILE Patient

“The gift of sight is truly remarkable.”

While 2020 Vision was a bust, I’m ecstatic to announce that I started 2021 with a clear focus. The gift of sight is truly remarkable, and I have that now thanks to the SMILE LASIK procedure I had done at the Nation’s best LASIK center, Manhattan LASIK Center. It was a seamless, painless and quick procedure. Nothing can compare to the feeling I had the next morning waking up and being able to see the NYC skyscrapers from my bed!

Sushma K., SMILE Patient

“I had an amazing experience”

The atmosphere was very relaxing and comforting. The staff is incredible and they are attentive of you which I found great. The place was super clean and everyone was very professional as soon as I walked in!

Cindy H., SMILE Patient

“Results couldn’t be better.”

“Dr. Niksarli and Brad are both fantastic people. I walked in having worn glasses for 17 years and walked out with 20:15 vision! Follow the instructions, take the eye drops, rest your eyes. I literally rode my motorcycle 1,636 miles a week after having LASIK done by them… the first time I’ve been able to ride without having to wear glasses under my helmet! Highly recommend them!”

Brian A., LASIK Patient
Chief Executive Officer Alister & Paine Magazine​​​​​​​

“I am so impressed by the quality of care at this center.”

I had been contemplating corrective vision surgery for years. The procedure went so smoothly and the entire staff made me feel so cared for. I felt so supported by Dr Niksarli, Dr Buchsbaum and the incredibly kind talented technicians and office staff at Manhattan Lasik Center. They walked me through the process and my surgical options and took their time answering all of my questions. I am one week post operation and I can see nearly perfectly!

Katherine L., PRK Patient

“Everyone in the office was super nice and helpful, the center was super clean, and they followed every caution needed for Covid-19.”

Both of us had been wearing glasses since elementary school. Between the yearly costs of contact lens and glasses, we took the decision to finally go through with surgery. We are so happy we made that decision! Our procedure was quick, painless and took 15 mins each. The next day we could both see 20/20 and no longer needed glasses. We will be recommending this to all our family and friends!

Sumyia P. And Nazish P., SMILE Patients

“It was worth every penny and I’ve never been happier.”

I had been using glasses for over 20 years and it was time for a change – MLC made it happen! During my consultation, the team made me feel very comfortable and secure about my decision to do the SMILE procedure. During the procedure everything went smoothly and the recovery till this day has been great.

Miguel M., SMILE Patient

“The procedure was a lot quicker than I had anticipated.”

Really happy I picked MLC. Thai helped make the process as smooth as possible – he went the extra mile to make me comfortable about how to finance and schedule my procedure, and Nicole was really helpful as well. Ultimately Dr. Niksarli was great, patient, and very accommodating. I was very nervous, and he calmed me down. Overall my experience at MLC was wonderful!

Ryan L., SMILE Patient

“I had been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old and thought I would be dependent on them for my whole life.”

It wasn’t until I made my appointment at MLC, that I knew getting LASIK would change my life. Dr. Niksarli and his staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. I had the SMILE procedure done and I couldn’t believe that I could see perfectly the next day! Thank you MLC, couldn’t have done it without you (literally)!

Emily I., SMILE Patient

“The staff was so helpful, patient, and honest– it was a smooth experience from beginning to end!”

I was wearing contacts and glasses for years and wanted to get vision correction for a long time. By profession, I’m a designer so my eyesight is extremely important to me because it’s my livelihood. I did a lot of research and decided to just go with it. The SMILE procedure at MLC was life-changing. The morning after the procedure I woke up being able to see so clearly. I was so excited to see with my own bare eyes that I almost cried. Honestly, it’s the best thing that’s happened to me in 2020!

Lily L., SMILE Patient

“I didn’t feel the laser, and the procedure was all done in 7 minutes!”

I had a 4-day recovery! I was nervous and excited at the same time. Dr. Buchsbaum was amazing not just because he laughed at all my jokes, but also because this was a life-changing procedure and my eyes were in his hands! I didn’t feel the laser, and the procedure was all done in 7 minutes! I appreciate the comfort and all my questions being answered, and most importantly, my eyesight!

Melody H., PRK Patient

“Waking up each morning with clear and perfect vision still feels like a dream.”

I have to say that the entire experience far exceeded my expectations. I had the procedure a week ago and I feel brand new, with no negative side effects whatsoever. My eyes are not sensitive even to the brightest light! Everyone who wears glasses and contacts should invest in this miracle, my only regret is not doing it sooner!

Brittanie B., SMILE Patient

“My life changed 2 years ago, once and forever.”

I struggled with very bad astigmatism all my childhood, couldn’t play outside much as a kid as my glasses would fall off or break. The personnel and the doctors at MLC made me feel super comfortable, and treated me with great respect and care. I feel like I was reborn!

Yekaterina C., PRK Patient

“I can see clearly day and night.”

I always had a headache, and my prescription was going up 0.25 every six months. Ever since I had SMILE, everything has been great. No more headaches, my vision is perfect! I love wearing signature eyeglasses and now I can wear all the nice, cool sunglasses. I am very happy that I had it done. Thank you MLC.????

Marilene K., SMILE Patient

“I have waited 21 years to have a procedure like this done.”

Ever since I was little I’ve had issues with my eyes. I was told by other places that they couldn’t fix my eyes. Now I have 20/20 vision and I feel great. I am so proud of myself for getting LASIK and so happy I did it. Thank you so much MLC!

Kathleen G., LASIK Patient

“I cannot believe how easy this entire process has been.”

I am one day post-op from the SMILE procedure and I CAN SEE! Huge thank you to Brad and Dr. Niksarli for taking such good care of me and keeping my mind at ease through the actual surgery. It didn’t take long at all and I was shocked I was able to see the next day + wear eye makeup! I haven’t had any pain and I cannot recommend this enough to anyone considering it!

Dana K., SMILE Patient

“The next day I got up at 8am and ran 18 miles! “

I chose SMILE because I have an extremely active lifestyle, so it was very important to me that I get back to my lifestyle as quickly as possible. The procedure was extremely fast – it was over for both eyes in 10 minutes. Having SMILE has been life changing. I no longer have to worry about my contacts when I am being active, and in the morning it’s a five minute ritual that I no longer have to do. Thank you MLC!

Jarwei F., SMILE Patient

“I am so happy to have my vision back!”

With the SMILE surgery I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. The entire procedure was done in less than 5 minutes, and the recovery time was less
than 24 hours. Thank you MLC for the great job!

Ruslan C., SMILE Patient

“I have been loving my no glasses life.”

It’s not scary at all, and now I can make jokes like #start2020with2020 ????I have been loving my no glasses life.

Crystal P., PRK Patient

“I can’t believe how amazing the SMILE procedure was.”

I chose SMILE because I was looking for fast recovery since it’s hard to take time off from work. Dr. Niksarli and the team are amazing. No more contacts, no more glasses, I am happy to be seeing 20/20 for 2020!”

Alexandra J., SMILE Patient

”SMILE was a piece of cake!”

Amazing results and amazing team! I have been wearing glasses for 30 years, and it was amazing to be able to see clearly less than 24 hours after the surgery. The procedure itself was quick, recovery speedy, and the results are fantastic. I would recommend SMILE to anyone who wears contacts on a daily basis.

Crystal D., SMILE Patient

“I can see better than I ever did with glasses or contacts now, which I didn’t realize would happen.”

Loved it. Had the procedure about a month ago. Was a bit scared just reading stuff online, but so glad I went through with it. Visited a few different places and this one stuck out to me. They also price match which is great. Highly recommend Dr. Buchsbaum, he talked through the procedure step by step before and during the actual procedure, that really helped. Super painless and easy.

Vlad H., LASIK Patient

“The team and the doctor helped me with the smoothest transition!”

My experience at MLC was amazing, from the beginning to the end, the. Dr. Buchsbaum was so comforting and detailed throughout the entire process. Now I have beyond perfect vision. Thank you so much to the team and the doctor, they really are the best!”

Celina M. – LASIK Patient

“The team was incredible!”

Throughout the entire process they made me feel comfortable and relaxed and most importantly I had such trust and confidence in Dr. Buchsbaum and the team. If you need LASIK, I recommend MLC. I only have great things to say!

Aryeh L. – PRK Patient

“I am super happy with SMILE”

Everything is super clear. I would definitely recommend it.

Kristin G. – SMILE Patient

“I decided to take a leap of faith and come to Manhattan LASIK Center.”

I’ve been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade. I got tired of waking up every morning with blurry vision, going to bed at night with blurry vision, putting on my makeup with blurry vision. I was greeted with wonderful doctors who helped guide me through the process. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Jessica D. – SMILE Patient

“I was super reluctant to get the eye surgery done and wish I had done it years earlier.”

Dr. Niksarli came recommended by my dentist- who bet his livelihood on this office for his own surgery. I was completely nervous about the procedure which was not nearly as bad as I had worried about. The staff is absolutely wonderful and answered my million questions before during and after with friendly smiles and good advice. I went from -6.5 to seeing 20/15 in just under 2 months. My only complaint is now my wife wants it so I have to pay for hers as well!

Anthony D., PRK Patient

“Getting SMILE done at Manhattan LASIK Center was the best decision.”

What an amazing feeling happy tears blur your vision because you can see so clearly once you wake up. Seeing the world through a new set of eyes has never had so much meaning as it does now.

Carmie N. – SMILE Patient

“I keep forgetting not to put my glasses on!”

I had been wearing glasses for over 20 years and was tired of it. My family members have all gotten it, so I said ‘why not?’. The whole process went very well, and my vision keeps getting better.

Luis P. – SMILE Patient

“The results are amazing, I couldn’t be happier.”

I have been wearing glasses for over 10 years. My father had LASIK done at MLC about 8 years ago before SMILE was a thing, and when he recommended it to me I had no doubts. I am super happy and I would highly recommend it.

William D. – SMILE Patient

“Being able to see 20/20 as soon as my eyes open every morning, I wish I had done this sooner!”

From consultation to the surgery and to the follow up, I can say that the entire team at MLC including Thai, Dr. Niksarli, Dr. Buchsbaum did an amazing job making me feel comfortable and answering every question/concerns I had about the procedure. On the day of my LASIK procedure, Dr. Buchsbaum spoke and guided me from start to finish and prepared me with thorough details of what to expect in terms of discomfort, pain and recovery time. Thank you team!

Yongmi S., LASIK Patient

“I didn’t think I would’ve gotten it in a million years until my friend mentioned his experience at MLC.”

I came in for a consultation and ended up getting the SMILE procedure the very same day. Procedure was quick and painless. In less than 10 minutes everything was done! I could see clear instantly. I started driving the very next day. The end result is wonderful, I can’t thank you guys enough! This is a perfect Christmas gift to myself!

Tommy D. – SMILE Patient

“I woke up the morning after the surgery with the best view out of my window.”

We are given 5 senses to play with in this life. Never to be taken granted for and always to recognize their privilege. MLC, you did your thing! Shout out to Dr. Buchsbaum and the great staff for making me feel welcome.

Allison C. – SMILE Patient

“Wish I had gotten this sooner!”

I had pretty bad vision with -5.75 prescription and astigmatism. I did the SMILE procedure. It was super quick, easy, and painless. I was able to wear make-up and go to my follow-up the next day. One of the best decisions I have made for myself.

Danica C., SMILE Patient

“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made this decade”

Wow – it’s almost been two years since I got laser vision correction! Because I work out a lot and love eating piping hot food, glasses were super inconvenient because they would always slip down my nose when I was working out or get foggy from the steam of hot food. Then, when I transitioned to hard lenses that I sleep in and eventually contacts, those didn’t work for me either because my eyes would get irritated due to the dryness. So, I decided to get a consultation at MLC and scheduled the procedure the week after because the staff made me feel so comfortable about trusting them with my eyes. It’s not scary at all, and I actually recommended a friend and she is loving her life not too without glasses!

Jennifer C., – PRK Patient

“If they can fix my eyes, they can fix anything!”

I’m so happy with the results – I had 20/20 vision within 24 hours of the procedure! Dependency on glasses and contacts, and the associated annoyances are now distant memories. I specifically recommend MLC based on the availability of the SMILE procedure, the educational pedigree of their surgeons, and the reassuring bedside manner of Dr. Bucharbaum and the rest of the office! ????

Gigi M. – SMILE Patient

“Procedure was painless and I am super happy with the results.”

Mark T., SMILE Patient

“Thank you Dr. Niksarli and your wonderful staff at MLC for giving 20/20 vision.”

Day 1 after SMILE I was able to see perfectly and drive during both daytime and nighttime hours without discomfort. I am currently on day 2 after SMILE procedure and I am still in disbelief I can see SO incredibly good.

Vlad H., LASIK Patient

“My friend recommended MLC to me and talked really highly about it and I approve!”

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old. I do hip hop dancing and it was generally uncomfortable wearing contacts when I was moving around. The contacts would never stay in place! I am glad I got SMILE.

Matthew P. – SMILE Patient

“MLC got me out of my contacts and seeing crystal clear world in less than 24 hours.”

If I had known how easy and painless the SMILE procedure was, I would have done this years ago. Thank you for changing my life.

Megan G., SMILE Patient

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