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We perform SMILE procedures in Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester

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Welcome to The Nation’s Most Experienced LASIK & SMILE Center in Long Island

We understand that having LASIK surgery is not a decision to take lightly. That’s why at Manhattan LASIK Center, we invest in the latest technologies to make this journey the safest and least invasive. We offer the minimally invasive Ultra-Thin Flap Bladeless LASIK and the most advanced ZEISS SMILE procedures to our patients. Our surgeons Dr. Niksarli and Dr. Buchsbaum, who have successfully completed 100,000+ procedures are the most experienced SMILE & LASIK surgeons in the Nation.

Gone are the days of long wait times, and multiple visits to your LASIK surgeon. At our Long Island location, you can undergo same-day consultation and surgery! Our Long Island office serves more than just the immediate Roslyn area but counties including Nassau and Suffolk.

We promise to provide you with a caring staff who will be there for you from the beginning to the end of your surgery. You can have the peace of mind that you have chosen the right practice to take care of your visual needs. Thank you for the privilege of serving you!

What is ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery?

SMILE eye surgery is an acronym and stands for SMall Incision Lenticular Extraction. SMILE can correct nearsightedness and astigmatism and is the most advanced laser vision correction procedure. Millions of people have experienced the freedom and clarity that SMILE can provide since its FDA approval in 2016.

Without ablation, without a flap, SMILE is a single-step procedure. During the SMILE eye surgery procedure, the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser creates the lenticule, a thin contact lens-shaped layer of tissue. Your surgeon removes the lenticule through a tiny, 3.5 mm incision made on the cornea. This incision is 80% smaller than the flap cut made during conventional LASIK.

The procedure is entirely painless. After SMILE is complete, since there is no flap created, the recovery is quick and comfortable. SMILE also reduces the common dry eye condition that may occur with PRK and LASIK procedures. In effect, it combines the advantages of older laser vision correction options and reduces or eliminates their shortcomings and side effects.

Learn How the SMILE Procedure Works

What is Ultra-Thin Flap Bladeless LASIK?

LASIK eye surgery is an acronym and stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and has helped millions of people experience the freedom of clear vision since its FDA approval in the mid 90's.

At Manhattan LASIK Center we offer Ultra-Thin Flap Bladeless LASIK, an advanced version of the Traditional LASIK procedure. By using the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond technology, our surgeons are able to create the world’s thinnest 80 micron LASIK flaps. The creation of ultra-thin  flaps ensures a stronger cornea, better visual results and a significantly reduced chance of developing postoperative dryness.

The flap is then lifted and an excimer laser is used to treat the exposed part of the cornea with the use of ultraviolet light. After the surgery is complete, the corneal flap is put back in place. The flap naturally adheres to the cornea and eliminates the need for stitches. Following the procedure, the majority of our patients are able to go back to work the very next day.


Meet Kevin Niksarli, M.D.

The Most Experienced LASIK & SMILE Surgeon in the Nation

Dr. Niksarli, the founder and Medical Director of Manhattan LASIK Center, received his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and his medical degree from Cornell University Medical School. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Niksarli has personally performed over 70,000 successful laser vision corrections procedures and is the first surgeon on the entire East Coast to offer the revolutionary ZEISS SMILE procedure to his patients.

Meet the Team

Manhattan LASIK Center Makes Getting LASIK Easy

FREE Same Day Consultation. Surgery. Recovery.

LASIK is a great way for people to see life without dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Now with the advancement of the flapless ZEISS SMILE procedure, the procedure is even more gentle and the results more predictable.

At Manhattan LASIK Center, we offer same-day surgery. If you have a busy schedule, you can undergo same-day surgery after a comprehensive examination. Everything in just one day, Evaluation, Surgery, and even Recovery!

How is that possible? Take our SMILE/LASIK Self Test to get started.


What are the costs of Laser Vision Correction?

Laser vision correction can be quite affordable, and beyond that, it will actually save you money over time from purchasing glasses and contact lenses.

The average price of laser vision correction varies depending on the prescription of the patient and which procedure they are the best fit for. At Manhattan LASIK Center, we try to make it as affordable as possible by offering up to 24-months interest-free financing, providing discounts to those with specific vision insurance plans, and accepting HSA/FSA account fund usage.

Contact us today about SMILE/LASIK affordability!

What People Are Saying

“It was the best decision ever and I cannot believe I waited this long.”

I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 and being able to see has always been the biggest dream of mine! After doing tons of research and consulting with a couple different doctors, I decided to go with MLC since they offer SMILE, the newest and most recent innovation in laser vision correction, and same day procedure. The full eye exam took about an hour and a half, and the whole procedure took about 15 minutes, absolutely painless! And then tah dah, my life had changed!

- Kha F., SMILE Patient

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