Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Being squeamish about eye surgery is a natural thing. The thought of having your eyes probed is enough to cause anxiety in most people, and this discomfort is often aggravated by the prevalent unsupported myths about refractive procedures, including SMILE surgery, which is actually very safe and performed every day. If you’re currently thinking about getting SMILE laser eye surgery, here are five known SMILE refractive surgery myths explained.

Myth #1: You Don’t Need Glasses After SMILE

As with any laser vision correction, if you do get a SMILE laser eye surgery in Edison, NJ it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t ever need eyeglasses to correct for the natural aging of the eye. This refractive surgery offers you an opportunity to have long-term, high-quality eyesight.

Myth #2: The Procedure Needs a Long Recovery Period

Though this might be true for other eye surgeries, it isn’t for SMILE. You only need two days: one for the surgery itself and another to rest your eyes by avoiding looking at screens of any kind so you don’t strain your eyes. Set aside two to three days for rest and recovery, especially if you use computer screens at work which can cause eye strain.

Myth #3: SMILE Is Just New, So It’s Better to Wait

Studies have proven the usefulness and safety of SMILE refractive surgery for nearsightedness, so much so that it has gained great attention in such a short period of time.  SMILE laser surgery has a reputable track record and has favorable results to establish its strong claim.

Myth #4: The Surgery Is Painful and Leads to Uncontrollable Blinking

Studies show that blinking tends to be uncontrollable if you’re experiencing discomfort and pain. In order to prevent this, SMILE surgeons ensure that the procedure is completely safe and employ the use of anesthetic eye drops, suction, and a speculum to immobilize your eye during the procedure. You may experience slight discomfort when you recover from this eye surgery and your eye should recuperate in just a few days However the patients who have undergone SMILE laser eye surgery have reported that the procedure itself is painless.

Myth #5: You Could End Up Blind After the Surgery

Despite the myth, SMILE laser eye surgery performed by our world-renowned surgeons in  Edison, NJ does not blind anyone. Research and clinical data show that the safety of this corrective eye procedure is impeccable and was actually designed to be the safer, more reliable variant of laser eye surgery. Many eye surgeons even debate that SMILE decreases symptoms of post-surgery dry eye and possible corneal thinning.

SMILE laser eye surgery is a highly safe and advanced technique for correcting eye disorders. Now that these five myths about this procedure have been explained, perhaps your confidence in SMILE is now firm. Here at the Manhattan LASIK Center, we help you achieve excellent vision and optimal health at the same time. Please visit our offices in New York and New Jersey, for consultation. You can also call us at 212-759-9617 or text us at 646-736-1981 if you would like to schedule a virtual appointment or if you have more questions about SMILE refractive surgery.