Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Is Lasik 2018 your goal? Have you taken the time to think about the advantages Lasik has beyond losing the glasses? With your procedure, you can gain a sense of fulfillment that you never felt before your Lasik surgery in 2018.

Sweet freedom

No more carrying extra supplies when you go out to play sports or spend a weekend with friends. Forget about making your flight in time to remember that you left your contacts on the sink. You may never need to bring glasses to the beach giving you the chance to make memories with crystal, clear vision.

More self-confidence

For some, glasses detract from a person’s natural beauty. Many individuals try to hide behind the glasses. With Lasik 2018, you can feel and look better.

Clearer vision

The chance to see better upon waking each morning is one of the most significant benefits of Lasik surgery 2018. Imagine looking into your child’s eyes when they come to wake you up instead of fumbling for your glasses on the nightstand first. No more waiting until you make it to the bathroom to put in your contacts to find out whether you are waking up on time.

The chance to do more

Glasses will not fall off your face while cleaning your house. Hot and cold changes never fog up your eyes. Plus, you can return to normal activities like football or extreme workouts once you fully heal.

Seasonal discounts

We have a special promotion right now! Get Lasik surgery 2018 for both eyes for $2,995. Call 212-759-9617 for more information.

Bonus benefit – time to heal before summer

Get Lasik now in time to enjoy swim season. Never worry about finding a safe place to stash your glasses when the pool is calling. MLC wants to help you reap all the benefits of Lasik 2018.