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Trust Only The Best With Your Vision

Manhattan Lasik Center ® uses the most advanced Lasik technologies in the industry like the ORBSCAN 2 which captures a contoured, multi-color map of your eye. They also have the VISX Star S4 IR Laser that tracks all eye movements in 3-D. By using the newest Lasik equipment, the expert Lasik surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center ® can provide their patients with exceptional results with proven technologies.

Financing With CareCredit

Any patient at the Manhattan Lasik Center ® can apply for CareCredit or Alphaeon Credit. These programs are offered by national healthcare financing companies that provide financing for patients all over the United States. Some benefits of these programs are that there are no up-front costs, no copays, and easy monthly payments with no interest for the first 24 months. Another advantage of this financing option is that there are no penalties for paying off the loan early. Patients can get financing for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. There are even extended payment options that cover 36, 48, and 60-month repayment options. Any staff member at Manhattan Lasik Center ® can help you find out if you qualify for either the CareCredit or Alphaeon Credit programs.

Other Financing Options

Insurance carriers often refuse to pay for Lasik surgery because it is an elective procedure, but there are some exceptions that people should know about. Manhattan
Lasik Center ® can help submit claims for people who cannot wear glasses due to an injury or disability, those that have already had a Lasik procedure, those where Lasik is the only option, and injuries where Lasik is the only solution. Some patients can also use their flexible spending account or health savings account to help pay for Lasik vision correction. These last two options are programs that enable patients to pay for Laser Vision Correction tax-free. If you are considering Lasik vision correction, call the experts at Manhattan Lasik Center ®. They can provide you any financing information that you are interested in and can help you make an informed decision. They also offer a free consultation that can be scheduled by calling 212-759-9617.

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