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If you are wondering when to stop wearing contact lenses before LASIK, then you are not the only person thinking about this question. We get phone calls from people inquiring about contact lenses all the time at Manhattan LASIK Center. You are considering laser vision correction, so we should dive into the specifics.

What Happens When People Wear Contact Lenses Before Lasik?

Breathable lenses and the most advanced contacts still restrict the level of air getting to the eyes. Contacts can irritate the eyes, cause watering, and create an environment where bacteria and debris collect. Eye infections and allergy symptoms are often worse for contact lens users.

How Does Regular Lens Use Affect Lasik?

Dryness is one symptom of consistent contact use. Even soft contacts change the shape of the cornea over time. Regular use can affect eye healing after Lasik. Continuous contact lens users have the chance to achieve perfect vision with LASIK. If you plan on wearing contact lenses before LASIK, then it is a good idea to ask your surgeon how long you should stop wearing them before your consultation or procedure.

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When to stop wearing contact lenses before LASIK is ultimately a decision you should make with your surgeon. Our professionals are extremely experienced and they will thoroughly examine the eyes during the consultation. A good rule of thumb is to only wear glasses for two weeks before your procedure. Rigid lens users should avoid wearing contacts for at least three weeks, but our surgeons at MLC can give you an exact answer at 212-759-9617.