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How LASIK Can Save You Time & Money

Sometimes, people are hesitant to pursue LASIK surgery because they are unsure of the cost. However, many are pleased to discover having the procedure can save you money over time.

What to Expect the Day After Bladeless LASIK

As you prepare for a Bladeless LASIK procedure in Roslyn, NY, you should learn what to expect during, after, and even before bladeless LASIK surgery.

Is Bladeless LASIK Surgery Permanent?

Many people are opting for bladeless LASIK eye surgery. Yet, some people still have questions, including whether it is permanent. In most cases, the procedure provides permanent vision correction. Recent studies confirm that bladeless LASIK is safer and more effective than traditional LASIK surgery.

SMILE: NOT your Parents’ LASIK

Do you want to achieve clear vision without the use of glasses or contact lenses, but are scared at the thought of a flap being created in your eye?

How does Bladeless LASIK work?

Bladeless LASIK, also called blade-free LASIK, all-laser LASIK, or Femto LASIK, is an advanced version of traditional LASIK where two laser technologies are used. Research suggests that most people prefer minimally invasive corrective eye procedures, which is exactly the experience provided by bladeless LASIK in Paramus, NJ.

Everything you need to know about Bladeless LASIK in Roslyn, NY

Laser vision correction has transformed the lives of many patients. It has enabled those who were previously heavily reliant on wearing glasses or contact lenses to see clearly and enjoy great vision.

Is Bladeless LASIK worth the hype?

Laser vision correction procedures have changed the face of refractive surgery. No longer do people with refractive eye conditions such as myopia and hyperopia need to be reliant on wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses.

5 Myths About SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Debunked

Being squeamish about eye surgery is a natural thing. The thought of having your eyes probed is enough to cause anxiety in most people, and this discomfort is often aggravated by the prevalent unsupported myths about refractive procedures, including SMILE surgery, that is actually very safe and performed every day. If you’re currently thinking about getting SMILE laser eye surgery, here are five known SMILE refractive surgery myths explained.

PRK, LASIK, and ReLEx SMILE: Understanding the Differences

Your eyes help you accomplish your daily activities with ease. Studies reveal that environmental, lifestyle, and health factors may cause eye disorders, such as astigmatism and nearsightedness that can impede your ability to see. Thankfully, procedures such as ReLEx SMILE, Bladeless LASIK, and PRK, are available to correct these eye ailments. If you would like to better understand these corrective eye treatments, continue reading to learn about their differences.