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Am I a candidate for ReLEx SMILE in NJ? Manhattan Lasik Center

Here at Manhattan LASIK Center we are able to provide the communit with ReLEx Bergen County, New Jersey the newest and latest laser vision correction procedure. This ReLEx SMILE procedure is the latest technique in refractive eye surgery. It has proven to be extremely effective in treating low to high amounts (-1.00 to -10.00) of myopia as well as astigmatism. 

What is the ReLEx SMILE procedure? Manhattan Lasik Center

Blade-Free, Flap-Free,… Quiet and least invasive refractive surgery in NYC The latest technique for refractive eye surgery has proven to be very effective in treating low to high amounts (-1.00 to -10.00) of myopia as well as astigmatism. This new procedure is called ReLEx SMILE. ReLEx SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. 

Dry Eyes Treatment - Know How You Should Care! - Manhattan LASIK Center

Dry eyes causes you may or may not know Most people think of dry eyes as something they get when they are constantly wearing contacts or in a dry environment, but several other things can be attributed to the problem. Dry eyes may come about because of a medical condition, dehydration, or because of your […]

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Our Long Island LASIK Center - Why it's the First Choice for LI Residents - Manhattan Lasik Center

Are you looking to improve your vision? Is eye strain a big problem? Our experts at Manhattan LASIK Center have a ton of reasons why having LASIK eye surgery can help you gain a quality of life you never knew was possible with our advanced surgical techniques and equipment. MLC is the most advanced Long Island […]

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Recovering from ReLEx SMILE

ReLEx SMILE is an innovative form of laser vision correction which combines many of the benefits of other types of laser eye surgery into one, straightforward procedure. What makes ReLEx SMILE so different from other treatments is that instead of cutting a flap into the cornea, or removing the whole outer later of it, the ReLEx SMILE surgery technique involves removing a small lenticule from the cornea itself. The ReLEx SMILE technique is believed to be the most advanced laser vision correction procedure in the world.

Manhattan LASIK Center is a reputable, experienced laser vision correction practice with Board-Certified surgeons from Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell Universities. Their surgeons have completed over 90,000 successful procedures for patients in the New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York areas.

Paramus residents have an invaluable optical leader in their midst. Manhattan Lasik Center ® services the Ridgewood, NJ areas providing the top Lasik service in this part of the country. Our experts have decades of experience and thousands of exceptional results to show for their hard work. Our goal is to help as many people get rid of their contacts and glasses so that they have a more spontaneous, independent lifestyle and a better quality of life.

If you wear eyeglasses and have considered Lasik eye surgery, then you are bound to have a few questions. What makes a good Lasik surgery candidate? Listed below are three things that make a suitable patient for Lasik.