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Tired of Foggy Classes when Wearing a Face Mask?

Several states across the country have mandated the use of face masks in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With recommendations against touching the face and eyes, people with vision problems started opting for glasses.

Can SMILE Eye Surgery Correct Astigmatism?

SMILE or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is one of the newest and arguably the safest of all laser vision correction techniques. This new technique is making waves in the laser vision industry, with more people than ever keen to take advantage of the benefits that it offers.

Preparing for LASIK Laser Vision Correction

If you have chosen the LASIK procedure to transform your eyesight, you will undoubtedly be very excited about the prospect of being able to see clearly with little or no need for glasses or contacts again!

Tips for Choosing the Right SMILE Surgeon

If you are considering laser vision correction, you will undoubtedly want to choose the safest, most comfortable and most accurate variety of treatment.

SMILE LASIK Versus Contact Lenses, Which is Better?

Over the last 20 years, our Medical Director Dr. Niksarli, Dr. Buchsbaum and the Manhattan LASIK Center team have performed over 100,000 LASIK, SMILE and PRK procedures. When patients come into our centers to determine if they are a candidate for SMILE LASIK, one of the most common questions asked is: “Is SMILE LASIK surgery safer than continuing to use contact lenses?” 

SMILE: A vision correction procedure combining the advantages of LASIK and PRK

Are you considering laser vision correction? Have you heard of LASIK and PRK, but are wondering what all the fuss is about for the newest laser eye surgery: SMILE LASIK? We have just the right answers for you!

What is Best Corrected Visual Acuity?

If you have ever had your eyes tested to determine how clearly you can see, you may have heard the term ‘visual acuity’ before. Visual acuity is used to describe the clearness of vision and is expressed as a fraction, such as 20/20 or 20/40. Many people who have heard of these expressions have very little understanding of what they mean but know that 20/20 vision is what is considered to be normal. Here at Manhattan LASIK Center in Paramus, NJ, we take the time to educate our patients and answer any questions.

Who is a Good Candidate for SMILE?

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is an innovative new alternative to conventional laser vision correction procedures like LASIK and is considered to be at the forefront of refractive treatments in Edison, NJ, and worldwide.

LASIK with ZEISS VisuMax FS 500 vs LASIK with IntraLase iFS 150

Bladeless LASIK in Manhattan, NY has transformed the way in which LASIK laser vision correction can now be performed. Instead of relying on a handheld device called a microkeratome to create the flap needed to access the corneal tissue for reshaping, the incisions can now be made using cutting edge laser technology. Here at the Manhattan Lasik Center in Manhattan, NY, we are pleased to offer two different technologies that can both be used to carry out bladeless LASIK.

Grand Opening of Manhattan LASIK Center's Second ZEISS VisuMax Laser

A few months ago, Manhattan LASIK Center welcomed its second ZEISS VisuMax FS 500 laser, making MLC the only center in the US with two revolutionary ZEISS VisuMax lasers! ZEISS VisuMax laser allows surgeons to perform ultra-thin flap bladeless LASIK, as well as the third generation flapless ReLEx SMILE procedure.