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When you decide that Lasik eye surgery is something that you are giving some serious thought to, then it is equally important to find the best surgeon available for a consultation. The experts at Manhattan Lasik Center have an exceptional track record of successful procedures and the leading Lasik technology in the entire country. Their highly-educated surgeons have performed an astounding 90,000 laser vision correction surgeries in the almost 20 years that they have serviced New York residents.

Do you want LASIK eye surgery? Are you afraid of the procedure for one reason or another? Our surgeons at Manhattan LASIK Center know how scary eye surgery can be, so we do everything possible to relax our patients and ease LASIK eye surgery fear. From soothing waiting areas to temperature controlled operating rooms and mild sedatives, we strive to make your experience enjoyable and worry-free.

Lasik eye surgery has alternatives that offer people similar results, but Lasik has several benefits. Consumer Reports says that 80 percent of people who underwent Lasik surgery were happy with the procedure. Listed below are the five most common options compared with Lasik.

Lasik eye surgery has been around for decades. According to the National Institute of Health, Lasik began in 1948 when Jose I. Barraquer Moner froze part of the cornea before shaping it with a lathe. This process was crude and had problems, but it also held promise. This treatment evolved from removing layers of tissue from the cornea without freezing, called the Barraquer-Krumeich-Swinger method. Lasik surgery continued to evolve using various methods to reshape layers of the cornea. By 1989, Lasik eye surgery was a common practice across the globe including the United States. That was when the modern era of Lasik began to take place.

Lasik surgery is often thought to hurt because it deals with creating a flap on the side of the cornea and removing tissue to give patients clearer vision. The truth is that Lasik is not painful for a few key reasons. One is because the procedure is decades old and physicians have had years to refine the surgery. Another reason is that the surgeon numbs the eyes with anesthetic eye drops before Lasik eye surgery. Healing time is minimal with Lasik treatment meaning that any discomfort is quick to go away. It is common to feel like the eye is watering, itching, burning slightly, or as if something is in the eye after Lasik treatment. Your Lasik provider should be made aware of any pain after surgery.

A Week Post Lasik Surgery At one week following Lasik eye surgery, you should be close to attending your second post-operative eye exam. As long as things are going well, your surgeon may clear you to return to light and moderate activity. He or she will ask that you continue to refrain from using swimming […]

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Have you heard rumors that Lasik eye surgery is much too expensive? Did you know that many Lasik centers provide financing and payment options? Manhattan Lasik Center is offering a St. Patrick’s Day special on Lasik eye surgery for just $2,995 to get both eyes treated. Reasons to use an expert for Lasik Many Lasik […]

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