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To answer this question, we must first find out a couple of other things. Does LASIK wear off? Will you have poor vision after LASIK, or is it permanent? LASIK is one of the safest, fastest healing, permanent procedures in the medical field.

Will you get poor vision after LASIK?

LASIK can regress.  As we age, our eyes do experience a condition we call presbyopia. In our 40s the lens begins to harden and crystallization causes us to have trouble looking at things close to us. When we get to old age, these crystals become cataracts. These changes occur in a different area of the eye, the lens. No matter whether or not you have LASIK , these problems will happen. Just like LASIK, laser vision treatments, lens replacement, and other corrective measures can correct these problems and improve vision.

Benefits of LASIK NJ at any age

  • Fewer headaches and allergy symptoms
  • Uninhibited vision
  • Faster responses and reactions with no need to put on glasses or place contacts
  • Possibility of 20/20 vision or better
  • Better peripheral vision
  • More freedom and spontaneity

Why get LASIK before turning 40

Since cataracts and presbyopia affects the lens, and LASIK corrects visual problems with the cornea, you can safely have LASIK eye surgery at any age after 18. As long as you are a suitable candidate taking few medications and in general good health, you may qualify for the procedure. A stable eye prescription is also necessary.

Poor vision after LASIK has nothing to do with your LASIK procedure. Aging can cause problems in other parts of the eye besides the cornea. The good news is that your vision specialist can recommend corrective options that will help you see better.


Does LASIK wear off?