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According to the CDC, one in three people who wear contact lenses sleep in their contacts. Do you use contact lenses to improve your eyesight? You need to understand that leaving them in as you sleep can increase your risk of developing an eye infection. Even taking a short nap in your contacts is not a good idea!

Cautionary Tale

If you are still in doubt about the dangers of leaving your contact lenses in as you sleep, consider this cautionary tale: A certain gentleman wore his contacts overnight during a hunting trip that lasted two days.

When he went back home, he took a shower and used a towel to wipe his eyes. Suddenly, he felt a popping sensation and started experiencing agonizing eye pain. The sensation he felt was that of his cornea ripping.

As it turned out, a bacterial infection caused a perforated corneal ulcer to develop. To save his vision, he had to undergo emergency corneal transplant surgery. This serious eye infection is like an abscess or a boil in your skin. When it bursts, you will experience a popping sensation and feel a gush of fluid.

Why You Should Not Sleep in Your Contact Lenses

Increased Risk of Infection

According to eye care experts, sleeping in your contacts can raise your risk of getting an eye infection by six to eight times (Source). These infections can cause dry eye, corneal abrasions, or even permanent loss of vision. If you often sleep in your contact lenses, you need to stop doing so as soon as possible.

You need to understand that contact lenses tend to collect all kinds of debris and germs during the day. Thus, the risk of getting an eye infection will increase if you sleep in them. Debris and germs from your contact lenses can build up, making your contact lenses toxic. This is what causes infection.

Restricted Flow of Oxygen to the Eye

Your eyes receive oxygen from the air when open. They need adequate oxygen to function properly. When you wear contact lenses, your eyes will get less oxygen. The supply of oxygen to your eyes will decrease even more when you close your eyes.

Consequently, your eyes will be ripe for redness, inflammation, and irritation, which can cause impaired vision. Also, this decreased supply of oxygen can increase your risk of getting fungal or bacterial infections in your eyes.

Other reasons you should not sleep in your contact lenses include:

  • Sleeping in your contact lenses may lead to pink eye
  • It could give you an eye ulcer
  • It could make your contact lenses fit poorly

Alternative to Contact Lenses – LASIK

Although contact lenses are a more convenient alternative to eyeglasses, they have their limitations and hassles. Are you looking for a good alternative to contact lenses? Do you often find yourself sleeping in them? If so, it might be time to consider LASIK surgery.

When performed by a skilled and experienced LASIK surgeon in Edison, LASIK can help you enjoy clear eyesight without the inconvenience of contact lenses or eyeglasses.

To learn more about LASIK as an alternative to contact lenses, call Manhattan LASIK Center at our office in Edison, New Jersey at (201) 843-3861 today to schedule an appointment.