Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

If you have been considering laser vision correction as an option to get rid of those annoying pair of glasses or irritating contacts, somewhere along with your research you may have heard about the newest, minimally invasive procedure called SMILE.

As SMILE is becoming more commonly known and growing in the laser vision correction industry (faster than LASIK ever did), it’s clear it’s a matter of time before it becomes the preferred method by surgeons and optometrists. This is the part where I’m sure you’re wondering why?

Dr. Niksarli director and founder of Manhattan LASIK Center has over 23 years of experience in laser vision correction. He was the first on the East Coast to perform SMILE and along with Dr. Buchsbaum, Manhattan LASIK Center is the leading center in the tri-state area has performed the most SMILE procedures.

On Wednesday evening, January 15th, 2020 Dr. Niksarli took the time to step out of the surgical room to answer that exact question as well as meet local New York and New Jersey doctors to educate them about the innovative procedure called SMILE. After all, if you’re not visiting a doctor who can check to see if you are a candidate for PRK, LASIK or SMILE how can you be sure he/she is making the best decision for you?

A SMILE procedure utilizes one laser to reshape the eye. The treatment itself is under 21 seconds an eye and patients have described it to be painless and gentle. Without creating a flap the laser makes a thin contact lens-shaped layer, just beneath the surface of the eye. It then creates a tiny opening which allows the surgeon to remove that layer. The removal of the lens-shaped layer changes the shape of the corneal tissue allowing the patient to see clearer. Patients are at 20/20 vision the very next day with zero downtime.

What is more remarkable, SMILE is a non-invasive laser vision correction procedure compared to LASIK. The absence of a flap that would normally be created in LASIK surgery is instead replaced by the tiny incision that allows surgeons to keep the cornea healthier and stronger. Dr. Niksarli compared it to when a patient has their gallbladder removed surgically versus laparoscopically. There’s much less healing for a patient to go through.

The Visumax laser only making a tiny incision accomplishes less dry eye and corneal nerve damage. It allows patients with active lifestyles or tendency towards the dry eye to be less concerned postoperatively. Both Dr. Niksarli and Dr. Buchsbaum mentioned SMILE as their preferred method of laser vision correction for their nearsighted and astigmatic patients. 

Manhattan LASIK Center continues to lead the industry in laser vision correction. It currently offers free consultations for patients to see if they are a candidate for SMILE surgery. In addition, Manhattan LASIK Center partners with a local optometrist who can also screen a candidate for the best procedure they qualify for. Therefore, if you are considering laser vision correction, don’t just consider LASIK or PRK. Ensure you explore all your options. Manhattan LASIK Center offers free consultations and has locations in both New Jersey and New York.