Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Have you heard about the newest flap-less Lasik procedure named Relex SMILE? This new vision correction does not use a flap, but a lenticule to create a small access point less than four millimeters wide to allow the surgeon to reshape the cornea and improve your vision. This minimally invasive procedure can have you on your way to clearer eyesight in just hours.

Is flap-less laser eye surgery right for you?

Only a highly educated expert like our skilled surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center can take the eye measurements to help you decide if you are a candidate for the Relex SMILE treatment. We will discuss your health history, medications, and genetic traits that can affect whether you should have the new procedure or another treatment like PRK or LASEK. Your first visit is free, and we can answer any questions you may have about the Relex SMILE procedure.

Minimally invasive means faster healing

When you have flap-less laser eye surgery with Relex SMILE, then you never have to worry about flap complications. You will experience clearer vision in as little as a few hours. Our surgeons will make sure that you feel no pain during the operation with numbing drops, and we offer fully inclusive pricing so that all you have to do is show up for your appointments. Our streamlined process means that you get in and out sooner.

Our Harvard-trained surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center want you to stop dealing with allergies, tension headaches, eye strain, and feeling self-conscious. With Relex SMILE, you can be ready for tough spring workouts, summer pool parties, and freedom you may not realize is waiting. For more information about flap-less laser eye surgery, please call our office at 212-759-9617.