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Americans are choosing to get ZEISS SMILE, an advanced form of LASIK, to achieve clear vision and eliminate their foggy glasses

NEW YORK, October 20, 2021 ( – Face masks have become the “new normal” across the country. With recommendations against touching the face and eyes, people with vision problems started opting for glasses. These glass wearers have come face to face with an unexpected side effect: foggy glasses. In New York, Dr. Niksarli, a laser vision correction surgeon, has seen a significant increase in ZEISS SMILE procedures at his practice, Manhattan LASIK Center. It is being driven by those coming in with foggy glasses complaints, who want to take advantage of the most advanced SMILE laser vision correction with next-day recovery, he said. 

“It’s the perfect time to invest in your vision. SMILE, the world’s safest and minimally invasive no-flap procedure, can eliminate foggy glasses, and reduce your need to touch your eyes which means a reduced chance of spreading germs.”

Manhattan LASIK Center offers the most advanced laser vision correction technology, the ZEISS SMILE procedure. Only performed at select, premier laser eye surgery centers across the United States, SMILE is a proven procedure for the treatment of myopia and nearsightedness. SMILE, which uses the VisuMax femtosecond laser developed by Zeiss, has an advantage over other forms of laser vision correction because it provides safety and stability that is superior to them. Without ablation, without a flap, SMILE is a single-step, minimally-invasive laser vision correction procedure that provides stable, predictable outcomes for high myopia corrections and thin corneas. It is also a great choice for those struggling with dry eyes.

Dr. Niksarli said that with the SMILE procedure, “most patients can return to normalcy much faster without lingering dry eye issues and frequent use of lubricating eye drops that could happen with other forms of refractive eye surgeries.”

Christine, a dermatology PA, had been wearing glasses and contacts for 18 years. 

“No more foggy glasses, no more glasses sliding down my face during procedures.” the 28-year-old said in an interview. “After being turned down for vision correction procedures by other centers due to my thin cornea and high prescription, I’m so glad I found Dr. Niksarli to perform SMILE. The results have been life-changing, especially as a dermatology PA who relies heavily on my vision. I only wish I had it done sooner.”

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