Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Do you have an appointment scheduled for a Lasik consultation? Are you ready for the questions and do you know what you should do before your first visit? Our experts found some great advice from reviewers on Pinterest.

Before your first visit

• Keep a notebook handy to jot down any questions you have
• Get a good night’s sleep
• Refrain from using soft contacts for a week, harder lenses for three weeks before your appointment

What happens in a Lasik consultation

• The surgeon examines your eyes
• Precise measurements are taking with instruments like the Orbscan 2
• Your options are laid out
• Financing counseling is available
• You get tons of reading material to make sure you are well-informed before Lasik

Lasik consultation in New Jersey, NJ

Adri Rose says that she opted for PRK treatment because she wanted to minimize her risks of flap complications. We want you to know that complications are rare in less than five percent of the patients. Because Manhattan Lasik Center offers leading, free Lasik consultation in New Jersey, NJ, you can easily find out what your options for Lasik are six days a week. We offer evening and weekend appointments for fitting in around tough work schedules. We also have four convenient locations near Teaneck, Midvale, and New York City.

Funny cartoons on Pinterest

One patient decided to show off a little humor about his Lasik experience by going up to his neighbor who was walking her dog. He was wearing a plastic cone over his head. It is a funny reminder that in your Lasik consultation in New Jersey, NJ you will be reminded to refrain from rubbing your eyes after surgery.
For answers to serious questions about Lasik surgery, contact us at 212-759-9617. We have appointments six days a week.