Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Have you ever thought about the price comparison between contact lenses and eyeglasses? Do you wonder which might be a little better for your wallet in the long term? We discuss some of the things to consider when you add up the costs.

Glasses or contacts?

Glasses and contacts both require a trip to the eye doctor for a prescription. Then, you have designer frames, eyeglass cleaner, protective cases, prescription sunglasses, replacement frames, and adjustment kits. You may opt for upgrades like adjustable tint for convenience. With contact lenses, you have monthly lens costs, cleaning solutions, special cases, travel packs, and designer lenses. For both options, there is the chance for eye infections, incorrect prescriptions, and broken or lost visual aids. The costs add up to thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

Lasik eye surgery is a preferable option to glasses or contacts

Lasik is an option that gives people the chance to get rid of most of the costs with an excellent chance of achieving a 20/20 vision. You will get rid of monthly costs, replacement fees, and have fewer trips to the eye doctor for things like allergies and dry eye. Lasik can help alleviate headaches from eye strain. You will have the freedom to see the time as soon as you wake, stare into the eyes of your loved one, and see your children’s faces without the need to fumble around for your glasses first. Jumping into the pool to surprise everyone is easy when you do not need time to find a safe space to stash your glasses.

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