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How Accurate Is Lasik Eye Surgery? Lasik Eye Surgery Is Very Safe

Laser vision corrections like Lasik eye surgery are considered very safe because they have a 96 percent success rate. Lasik surgery specialists only choose the best candidates for Lasik procedures because the operation is typically permanent. Lasik has also been performed on millions of patients since it was developed in the 1980s. Experts like the specialists at Manhattan Lasik Center ® have had the time to perfect the art of surgery because of their extensive history of performing Lasik surgery.

Lasik Surgery

There are rare complications associated with Lasik eye surgery. Some people may experience an under-correction that makes it important for them to undergo another Lasik procedure to refine the results a few months after the first surgery. Generally speaking, people wear their contact lenses up until a few days prior to their appointment where their eyes are measured. Contact lenses can reshape the cornea making it difficult to determine the true shape of the cornea. This difference can cause the measurements to be skewed when performing surgery. That is why it is such an important thing to listen to the specialist when they tell people to stop wearing their contact lenses for at least 5-7 days before they come in for their appointment. People who wear rigid gas permeable or hard contact lenses should not wear them for at least three weeks before their appointment to let the cornea go back to its normal shape. Ask your Lasik expert what they recommend.

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