Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

When laser vision correction was first introduced, there is no doubt that it transformed the options available to patients with refractive eye errors. Laser vision correction makes it possible to permanently correct corneal irregularities that cause patients to be reliant on glasses or contact lenses, meaning that they can see clearly without or with little need to wear prescription eyewear. However, the techniques and technologies involved have continued to evolve to ensure that the treatment offered is as safe and effective as possible, as well as offering the patient the very best experience. 

ZEISS SMILE is the latest and most advanced development in laser vision correction and is only available in a select number of locations around the United States. We are delighted to offer patients in Manhattan, NY the opportunity to get their very own ZEISS SMILE. 


A ZEISS SMILE is a laser vision correction that uses a different technique than LASIK and other conventional laser eye surgery. Rather than removing the entire layer of tissue covering the cornea or creating a flap within it to perform the laser correction, this technique sees the creation of a lenticule – a small, lens-shaped section of tissue within the cornea – which is then removed to carry out the procedure. This incision is 80% smaller than the flap made during LASIK at around 4mm rather than 20mm, ensuring better preservation of your corneal integrity. 

ZEISS SMILE offers a number of benefits relating to the procedure itself when it is compared to other forms of laser vision correction. These include:

– A superior safety profile

– Minimal risk of complications

– Elimination of the risk of flap-related complications

– Smoother recovery and faster recovery time 

– Absolutely no discomfort at any point of the procedure

– Consistently predictable results 

Experience Improved Quality Of Life After ZEISS SMILE

Improved quality of life after ZEISS SMILE is one of the primary draws of patients to the procedure, with many stating that their ZEISS SMILE has transformed their life. Some of the primary ways in which ZEISS SMILE can enhance your day to day include:

– A drastically improved vision that could reduce or eliminate your need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Patients who choose ZEISS SMILE rather than LASIK are also less likely to experience glare and halos when driving in bright light or at night.

– No need to avoid contact sports and other activities – something which is the case for LASIK patients who need to take time out from activities that could potentially displace the flap.

– Patients who undergo ZEISS SMILE are much less likely to suffer from dry eye syndrome – a common side effect of LASIK and other conventional laser vision correction treatments. This is because the number of corneal nerves affected during ZEISS SMILE is far fewer than those in LASIK. 

– Preserved integrity of the cornea means that patients are less likely to experience corneal-related problems in the future, such as keratoconus and corneal dystrophies. 

ZEISS SMILE is now available at our Manhattan, NY laser center. Please contact our offices to find out more or to schedule an appointment to discuss your suitability for this popular and transformative treatment.