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Working From Home? Increased Screen Time Can Cause Dry Eyes

People are embracing the most advanced SMILE laser vision correction to regain their visual freedom with minimal postoperative dryness

NEW YORK, February 22, 2022 ( – With work from home becoming the “new normal”, people have started to spend more time in front of screens. Looking at a bright screen for hours, often unblinkingly, puts a serious strain on the eyes. One of the most common symptoms people experience is dry eyes. Dr. Kevin Niksarli, a laser vision correction surgeon at Manhattan LASIK Center, recommends the third-generation SMILE procedure for people with existing dry eyes, and for those who want to minimize postoperative dryness following laser eye surgery.

He says, “Contact lenses can lead to eye dryness on their own. When contact lens wearers stare at a digital screen for prolonged periods, this further increases their eye strain and dryness, making contact lenses intolerable. It isn’t possible to stop the use of screens altogether…but what about stopping the use of contact lenses? SMILE can eliminate dependency on contacts and glasses that can otherwise contribute to eye strain. It does this without inducing postoperative dry eyes the way LASIK can sometimes do.”

Steven had been struggling with dry eyes and high prescription since he was 18 years old. He wasn’t a candidate for LASIK due to his dry eyes, but everything changed when he learned about the SMILE procedure.

“I am so happy I finally came across Dr. Niksarli and the SMILE procedure. The procedure was as easy and painless as an eye exam, and the life-changing results were apparent within hours. The eye drops that I’ve been using since my procedure also further improved the dryness I was experiencing before the procedure.”

Manhattan LASIK Center is one of the few, select laser eye surgery practices that offer the SMILE procedure in the United States. SMILE, a proven procedure for the treatment of myopia or nearsightedness, has an advantage over other forms of laser vision correction because it provides safety and stability that is superior to them.

Dr. Niksarli says that SMILE is a game-changer:

“Without a flap, SMILE is a single-step, minimally invasive laser vision correction. Patients who are active in sports, or are nervous about the flap-creation aspect, also embrace the no-flap approach due to its safety. Most patients can return to normalcy much faster without lingering dry eye issues and frequent use of lubricating eye drops that could happen with other forms of refractive eye surgeries. It is the perfect time to invest in your vision with SMILE.”

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