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While LASIK surgery at Manhattan LASIK Center can eliminate the need for corrective lenses, there are additional advantages most people do not know exist. These surprising LASIK benefits can significantly change the lives of our patients.

Clearer night vision

Our surgeons have noticed their patients often mention improved vision at night, especially when driving. Glasses tend to reflect and spread the light from oncoming vehicles and streetlights, making it difficult to see while driving. Contact lenses are no better because they dry out toward the end of the day causing light disposition. After having LASIK, our patients no longer have to worry about contact lenses drying out at night.

Fewer allergies

Some of the Manhattan LASIK Center patients notice allergy changes and a decrease in the incidence of headaches after having had LASIK surgery. Others found that they do not have as many problems with sneezing or stuffy noses.

Extended peripheral vision

Without the need for corrective lenses, patients often have a wider range of vision than they had prior to have LASIK surgery. This is because eyeglasses only improve forward-facing vision since they do not wrap around the sides of the head. LASIK can eliminate the use of glasses, which inherently improves the patient’s peripheral vision.

Extra vision

People who suffer from myopia or astigmatism may not realize that their field of vision is diminished until they have a Lasik procedure. Often these types of patients find they cannot only see clearer, but they can see more than they ever could.

These additional advantages might come as a surprise to many people. Always keep in mind, each person’s eyes are different and the results after Lasik surgery will vary.

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