Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Many occupations require workers to have a perfect or near-perfect vision. Obtaining one of these positions is not always possible with glasses and contact lenses. There is no need to give up on your dreams when you can have Lasik eye surgery and get the position you want.

Pilots need to maintain great vision

Whether you plan to pilot a military jet or a commercial airliner, you need to see the runway, beacons, or hand signals to ensure that you take off and land safely. Stable vision for a period is often a requirement for pilots. Commercial pilots can use contacts, but the lower humidity levels mean rigid contacts are best. Lasik can help you see better so that you can get your dream job and earn the money you want.

Police officers have to see well in dangerous situations

A public servant like a police officer cannot risk glasses fogging up while chasing a murder suspect or armed criminal. Imagine if the police officer has to run through the bushes and a contact slides out of place or his or her eyeglasses get ripped off in the chase. They would have to stop immediately, and a dangerous person could get away and harm someone.

Firefighters and first responders

Fires cause difficult situations to see in without glasses to complicate matters even more. Paramedics must see clearly to administer medications like epinephrine. When you choose a highly-paid position that requires you to have excellent vision, you cannot trust your eyes to contact lenses and eyeglasses are out of the question.

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