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Lasik Eye Surgery Myths

People often question whether the Lasik surgeon is telling them a tale to get them to sign up for Lasik eye surgery. If you are in good health, have had stable vision for two or more years, and take few or no medications, then it is likely that you could qualify for Lasik surgery. Most expert Lasik surgeons will assess the patient during the initial visit to see if their eyes are suitable for undergoing Lasik surgery. They choose to do surgery on the people whom they believe will have the best chance of success from the procedure. It is a myth that Lasik eye surgery is temporary. This is false. Lasik surgery is a permanent procedure. Some people think that there are just two types of Lasik eye procedures, but the truth is that there are many methods of laser vision correction including PRK, LASEK, Custom Lasik, Epi-Lasik, Wavefront Lasik, and traditional Lasik.

Lasik Surgery Is Often Misunderstood

Many people do not have Lasik because they think it is painful, but for most people, the procedure itself is painless with just some discomfort for the first several hours after surgery. Individuals who plan to have Lasik surgery think that it takes a few weeks to see results. Most people, typically see an improvement within 24-hours. It is best to consult an expert like Manhattan Lasik Center to find out the real truth behind Lasik eye surgery. Their experts can help you make an informed decision about Lasik surgery. Related Terms: