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Lasik for Both the Eyes Same Day!

Lasik eye surgery is usually performed on the same day on both eyes. The reason is that healing times are so quick.

Lasik surgery is a fast procedure

Most lasers used to perform Lasik eye surgery only take ten or fifteen minutes to do the surgery. The most advanced equipment like that at Manhattan Lasik Center only takes ten minutes per eye to perform the actual procedure. The rest of the time during the appointment is spent on prepping for surgery and providing after-care instructions. Healing times are quick for most people too. You might see clearer in just a few hours after the procedure. Others may take a little longer depending on the prescription level and individual health. Don’t forget to arrange for someone to drive you home and back for the follow-up appointment the next day!

Reasons Lasik eye surgery may be performed at separate appointments

There are a few excellent reasons why Lasik surgery needs performing on different days. One reason is to see if nearsighted patients with presbyopia can see better by correcting just one eye. This can give the patient monovision which gets rid of the need for glasses after age 40.

Getting Lasik on both eyes is often the norm. Your expert surgeon at Manhattan Lasik Center has performed thousands of procedures making them the best person to offer an opinion about doing surgery on both eyes at once. Give us a call today at 212-759-9617 to see what we recommend in your situation. You may be surprised!

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