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Lasik Eye Surgery Review

Before Lasik, patients visit Manhattan Lasik Center ® to get their eyes examined, talk about what procedures they are a candidate for, and go over the procedure at length. Paperwork, financing, surgery schedules, and aftercare instructions are covered during the first visit. The patient will see many of the technologically advanced equipment we have, see how comforting our surgery staff is, and ask questions. One Lasik experience review says that the patient was treated very well from beginning to end and they were extremely happy with the soothing words of Dr. Niksarli and the surgical staff when they were so nervous.

During Lasik Surgery

Surgery day starts out with some numbing drops before reclining in a plush chair to relax. Several people offer support, and the surgeon talks you through the entire process. After reclining in the chair, the surgeon places an instrument in the eye to create a “flap” in the cornea. It feels like a contact lens compared to what most people say in their Lasik experience feedback. A speculum keeps the eye from blinking, and the patient is asked to stare at a particular spot until the procedure is finished. A little pressure during the cornea incision is all anyone comments feeling when the flap is created. Any Lasik surgery review can tell future patients that the actual operation only takes ten to fifteen minutes tops.

Post-Op Comments

One of the most common things we read in our patient’s post-surgery Lasik review is that they wished they would have had the surgery done sooner. They adamantly recommend us to family and friends. They are often blown away by the attention to detail and level of support we offer them after surgery. We provide explicit aftercare instructions that are simple to follow.

At Manhattan Lasik Center ®, we want you to be comfortable, informed, and prepared for your Lasik experience. Our goal is to help you through the process by guiding you with our extensive knowledge. Give us a call at 212-759-9617 to see why we are the region’s top leader in Lasik surgery.

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