Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

You want to get LASIK surgery, but you are not sure how long you will need to stay home. At Manhattan LASIK Center, we understand that getting back to school, work, and everyday activities is a big deal. Many managers and company owners are supportive and even lenient when workers ask for time off to improve vision. We talk about how fast you can expect to get back to your routine below.

How long do I stay home after LASIK surgery? 

While you may see much clearer as you are leaving the office, a nice long nap is necessary to give your eyes the rest they need immediately after LASIK eye surgery. Watching television and using your computer and other devices can cause you to strain your eyes if you use them too early after your procedure. You will have a quick follow-up visit the day after your procedure to ensure you are recuperating normally.

What to expect during LASIK eye surgery recovery 

Your eyes may burn, itch, and feel like there is something stuck in them for a few hours after your correction. These symptoms are why you should nap when you get home after LASIK surgery. When you wake, you will put eye drops in your eyes and keep up this routine for several weeks. By the next day, your eyes will be much clearer even though they will continue to stabilize for the next three to six months.

Most patients return to work sometime the following day after LASIK. Many people plan surgery for a Thursday or Friday to take a long weekend, but this is unnecessary unless you poke your eye or rub it the first couple of days. Your surgeon will let you know if you can drive or work at your first postoperative visit.


How Much Time Should I Take Off from Work after LASIK?