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Lasik Experience Lasik Surgery for Military Personnel

Most military members are used to hearing that Lasik is not an approved procedure or that it is not accurate enough for the armed forces to use, but that information could not be farther from the truth. NASA has conducted and researched several studies on Lasik eye surgery and military patients. In one study, 95 out of 100 individuals achieved perfect vision. Their conclusion is that Lasik is entirely helpful and acceptable for astronauts as well as pilots and other military members.

No Contact Lens Or Eyeglass Use For Active Military Members

Since many combat areas are not a good place for keeping contact lenses clean, it is vital that soldiers do not wear them while on an active assignment. It is better from a safety perspective to refrain from wearing eyeglasses because they can be used as a weapon or to take sight away from a prisoner when found by the enemy. Without corrective surgery, people with less than perfect vision cannot give their best to their country because they cannot see so well.

Lasik For The Military Is Widely Accepted As A Beneficial Treatment For Many Reasons

One of the biggest reasons that the military, specifically the Navy, Army, and Air Force are turning to Lasik as a recommended treatment is because pilots and other Lasik patients are only out of work for three months on average. The healing time is extremely doable because active military members are not down long enough to lose their finesse and fine motor skills learned during training, Lasik for military personnel has an extremely high success rate.

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