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By using the very best lasers and machines, we provide our patients with cutting-edge science and innovation that can give them 20/20 vision. Our success rate at Manhattan Lasik Center is so high because we are the regional leader in Lasik treatment.

Lasik eye surgery has a low complication rate

The Food and Drug Administration recommends that potential Lasik eye surgery patients perform research before choosing a Lasik provider to ensure that they get the top surgeon in your area. Dr. Niksarli is sought out from surrounding states and across the globe. The American Academy of Ophthalmology says more than 90 percent of patients achieve 20/20 to 20/40 vision. MLC increases that number by only using the most revolutionary innovations in our offices. Every patient reaps the rewards of 20 years experience, more than 90,000 successful procedures, a Top Five National Lasik Surgeon, and leading customer support.

Lasik surgery is acceptable for many work fields

NASA and the United States Navy have adopted Lasik eye surgery as an effective procedure for pilots and other hands-on specialists. They observed many studies showing the benefits and low risks of Lasik surgery before making a 180-degree turn on the subject. Because of the advanced technology, patients with thin corneas who were turned away from Lasik surgery in the past can now get the procedure at MLC. Our technology gives us customized results to thousands of an inch providing our surgeons with the ability to customize Lasik results differently for each eye.

“From our first day, our mission has been to combine the latest techniques and technologies with expertise and experience to generate great results and freedom from glasses. It is no accident that MLC has become the foremost and largest provider of LASIK and Laser Vision Correction procedures in the NY tri-state area since its inception in 1998*.”

Our goal at MLC is to give you the ultimate Lasik experience. We guarantee that you will see a major difference between other Lasik providers and how we do business. Let us treat you to a customized vision today. Call 212-759-9617 for a free consultation. Related Terms: