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Zeiss Visumax Bladeless LASIK
Bladeless LASIK
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Read Our Patient Reviews
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Cost of LASIK
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"Highly recommend MLC to anyone looking into laser vision correction."

I had my consultation at the Edison, NJ location, and had the ZEISS SMILE procedure at the Manhattan location. They were very efficient and helpful with any questions I had.

Daniel B., SMILE Patient

Read Our Patient Reviews

Meet Dr. Kevin Niksarli

Meet Kevin Niksarli, M.D.

The most experienced LASIK & SMILE surgeon in the Nation

Dr. Niksarli, the founder and Medical Director of Manhattan LASIK Center, received his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and his medical degree from Cornell University Medical School. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Niksarli has personally performed over 70,000 successful laser vision corrections procedures and is the first surgeon on the entire East Coast to offer the revolutionary ReLEx SMILE procedure to his patients.

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