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Manhattan Lasik Center uses the most advanced technologies to provide their patients with superior results

Advanced LASIK technology can provide outstanding surgical results and faster healing compared to older technologies. Iris registration equipment and pupil tracking keep the laser from going back to center before continuing the procedure. Orbital scanners and custom equipment can give LASIK surgeons extra information about each
eye that cannot be found any other way.

LASIK technology

Marco TRS System

This technology provides a more precise refraction when calculating the amount of correction desired during the actual LASIK and PRK surgeries. Instead of measuring correction in quarter diopters, the Marco TRS system reads the individual refraction numbers in 1/8 diopter increments for each patient and gives the surgeon an exact prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and blurriness. These numbers are used to design the exact change in the cornea to provide superior results compared to manual diagnosis.


The Orbscan 2 can give the LASIK specialist a multi-color, topographical map of the eye. It can measure four areas of the eye: elevation, curvature, thickness, and
inclination. The surgeon uses this information to decide the changes needed to correct
the vision of a patient.

VISX Star S4 IR and NIDEK EC 5000 CX3

Both of these advanced LASIK excimer lasers track the movement of the eye in different
ways. This tracking helps the laser maintain focus and steadiness during the procedure.
These lasers greatly improve the procedure, reduce the time of the surgery, and
offer superior leveling capabilities.

IntraLase iFS 150kHz

This bladeless LASIK technology is a perfect choice for patients with thin corneas because it creates a much thinner flap during the LASIK procedure. This femtosecond laser provides the patient with a faster healing time. It is the most significant technological advancement in recent years for people who are not candidates for traditional LASIK.

CustomVue LASIK

CustomVue LASIK technology allows the LASIK specialist to capture a digital image of the eye. Every procedure is customized to the individual for exceptional, customized results.The Manhattan Lasik Center services patients in the New Jersey and New York areas who are looking for surgeons that use the newest innovations and proven LASIK technologies to perform their Lasik procedures. You can reach them at 212-759-9617. They offer free consultations.Related Terms: