Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Believe it or not, you can resume many of your regular activities within one day of your Lasik eye surgery. There are things that you should avoid for the next few days and weeks following Lasik surgery, but much of your routine will resume as normal in 24 hours. Below are a few timelines to give you an idea of what to expect following your procedure.

One day following Lasik surgery 

  • Be very careful when showering, being mindful of keeping shampoo, water, and soap away from your eyes
  • Can resume driving if you are cleared at your 24 to 48-hour check-up
  • Watch your favorite shows, play on the computer, or read as long as you use your eye drops, take frequent breaks, and remember to blink often
  • Most individuals return to work at this point unless they are exposed to an extremely dusty environment
  • You can fly, but it is best to ask your surgeon for his or her recommendation

One week after Lasik eye surgery 

  • Showering with permission
  • Light exercise is acceptable like walking and frolicking with children
  • Using hair products and make-up placed with care
  • Bicycling is okay

Things that should wait for at least a month before you resume

  • Professional  or extreme sports
  • Skiing in water or snow
  • Martial arts and boxing
  • Water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating

Much of your usual routine is ready for you to resume just one day after Lasik eye surgery. Although water exposure and extreme sports are the things you will have to avoid the longest, many people do not mind this because of the benefits of Lasik surgery. Your Lasik surgeon will give you a recommended schedule to return to activities during one of your appointments.