Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Is LASIK something you worry will cost too much? Do you wish you could break up the price of vision correction so that you can get rid of your irritating contact lenses? We hear you. At Manhattan LASIK Center, we understand that not everyone can shell out the whole cost of LASIK at once. To make our services accessible to anyone, we offer numerous Long Island LASIK financing options.

LASIK financing Long Island is not out of reach

If you have a health savings account or HSA, you can use this funding to help you pay for your vision treatment. You can also use your flexible spending account or tax return. We partner with many local corporations offering discounts and employee price reductions for Long Island workers and residents. Care Credit is another option for patients allowing you to make payments over a one to five-year span. You can even get financing that you can pay back with no interest.

Why choose MLC for Long Island LASIK financing

  • Monthly specials
  • Five of the top laser technologies on the market
  • Advanced surgical center
  • Four central locations
  • Free consultations every day except Sunday
  • Inclusive payment options
  • Numerous laser treatment programs
  • Only choose the most suitable candidates
  • 20 plus years experience
  • Patients from all across the world

MLC has many financing options for patients in Long Island. We will work with you to help you figure out a suitable payment plan that works for your situation. Let us relieve any stress or pressure by signing you up for our inclusive pricing so that you never have to worry about money when you check out. All your prescriptions and visits are covered under one monthly fee. Find out more at 212-759-9617.


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