Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

Lasik surgery is not painful, but what will you go through right after surgery? Our experts at Manhattan Lasik Center give you some idea of what you will feel right after your procedure. They also recommend some things you should do and what to steer clear of during the first 24-hours following Lasik eye surgery.

What you will feel after your Lasik eye surgery

Your vision will be blurry, but you may notice an immediate difference. Your surgeon will give you some eye drops, sunglasses, and instructions before you leave the office. He or she will ask that you spend as much time napping over the next 24-hours as you can. Sleeping or resting for the first four to six hours after someone drives you home is recommended. You should avoid using the television, computer, exercising, or reading so that your eyes will heal quickly. You may feel like there is something stuck in your eye. It could burn, sting, water, or itch too. These are all normal sensations following Lasik surgery.

Important things to remember after Lasik

Lasik surgery is quick healing, but you must follow all the instructions given to you by your Lasik specialist. Using the eye drops as recommending and avoiding potential hazards is vital to your overall recovery. For instance, exercising too soon can cause the cornea flap to dislodge and wrinkle creating problems that need another surgical procedure to fix. Not using the eye drops could result in an eye infection or dry eye problems that are painful.

Taking care of yourself after Lasik surgery is very important. Listening to your Lasik surgery expert will give you the best chance of perfect or close to perfect vision. Your patience and cooperation will be rewarded with clearer sight, more freedom, and the chance to be spontaneous. For more information about what to expect immediately after your Lasik eye surgery, please call the Manhattan Lasik Center at 212-759-9617.