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PRK Eye Surgery – How it’s Different With Lasik?

PRK Eye Surgery Is Very Similar To Lasik

PRK surgery gives patients the same results as Lasik. PRK is just as safe as Lasik because it was performed on hundreds of thousands of patients before Lasik was even approved in the late 1980s. Both surgeries are perfectly acceptable treatment options for people who want to get rid of their eyeglasses and contact lenses.

PRK Surgery Has A Couple Of Differences From Lasik Eye Surgery

PRK patients take a bit more time to heal than Lasik patients because, in PRK surgery, the entire top layer of the cornea (the epithelium) is removed to perform the correction to the middle layer of tissue (the stroma) compared to creating a flap of tissue that is peeled back in Lasik. People who have PRK eye surgery take a bit longer to heal because it takes a minimum of three to five days for the epithelial layer of tissue to regenerate after the procedure. Those who have the PRK surgery are typically those who have thinner corneas where Lasik is not the optimal procedure. The experts determine which surgery is best by evaluating the medical history of the patient, what types of medication they are on, their corneal thickness, the shape of their corneas, and how active they are in sports/careers. An expert like the professionals at Manhattan Lasik Center can help you decide which procedure might be right for your eyes and your lifestyle so that you can make an informed choice.

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