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Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Does it seem like they get worse year after year?

SMILE is a vision correction procedure that can give you the vision of your dreams and total visual freedom. SMILE can do a lot more than let you see without glasses and contact lenses getting in the way.

One way you may not have realized this is that SMILE can help reduce your allergy symptoms. Keep reading to learn how!

Spring Means Allergy Season

If you have an allergy to tree pollen, this is the worst time of the year. An allergy to tree pollen is one of the most common allergies. During spring, there’s a great deal more pollen in the air.

Allergic conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the lining of your eye and eyelids. It is the primary symptom for most people with seasonal allergies.

Even with allergy medication, many allergy sufferers spend much of the spring months dealing with itching, watering, irritation, and eyes that produce discharge. The best thing for someone with allergies to do is to avoid their known allergens.

However, that’s a lot easier said than done, especially if your allergens are floating in the air, making it impossible to avoid them. If you wear contact lenses regularly, your allergy symptoms are probably even worse than the average person’s.

That means you’re dealing with even more intense irritation and suffering during allergy season.

Pollen and Contacts Don’t Mix

When you wear contact lenses during the spring, you can get stuck in a never-ending cycle of worsening allergy symptoms. Wearing contact lenses requires a certain amount of touching your eyes and putting your fingers in your eyes.

You have to touch your eyes to put your contacts in and then touch them again when you need to take them out. You may also need to adjust your contact lenses throughout the day to make them more comfortable.

But when there’s pollen everywhere, the chances increase that you’ll have some on your fingers or hands. You may still have pollen on your fingers even if you’re diligent about washing your hands before putting in your contact lenses.

If you have any pollen on your hands at this time, that pollen can get in your eyes, causing irritation and other frustrating allergy symptoms. Although your eyes will be itchy, the best thing you can do is avoid the urge to rub them.

Rubbing your eyes will only make the irritation and itchiness you’re experiencing worse. You may also get more pollen in your eyes when you rub them or cause damage to your eyes, as rubbing them can cause much more harm than good.

During allergy season, wearing contact lenses and interacting with pollen is a seemingly endless cycle. You touch your eyes to put in or remove your contact lenses, and pollen gets in your eyes, causing irritation.

Then, you rub your eyes, leading to more pollen getting in and making your eyes even more inflamed. It continues until your eyes are so irritated you can hardly stand it.

Pollen can also stick to your lenses and get trapped under them, making your symptoms even worse and harder to stop. Allergy medication may help but can only do so much if your eyes are constantly exposed to allergens.

Your best option may be to wear glasses during allergy season, but if you’re used to contact lenses, having to depend on your glasses can be a hassle you don’t want. But there is another alternative by choosing to get SMILE!

Stop the Cycle with SMILE

When you get SMILE surgery, you stop the contact lens and pollen cycle in its tracks. After SMILE, you won’t need contact lenses or glasses, so you don’t have to choose between convenience and comfort because you can have both!

You may be worried about getting pollen in your eyes while recovering from the vision correction procedure. You need to be careful not to get anything in your eyes right after any eye surgery, so you must be cautious if you have SMILE during allergy season.

But since SMILE is so minimally invasive, recovery is fast, and discomfort only lasts a few days at most. You’ll be able to go outside in no time and enjoy the spring weather without ever having to touch your eyes to adjust your contact lenses!

Getting SMILE will not cure your allergy symptoms, but they’ll be much easier to manage and may even respond better to allergy medication. No longer needing contact lenses can make a significant difference for allergy sufferers!

With SMILE, you can get through spring without feeling miserable. But there are even more reasons to get SMILE, as it can truly change your life for the better!

More Ways SMILE Changes Your Life

SMILE gives you freedom from visual aids. That means you can say so long to the inconveniences of glasses and contacts.

No more dirty or foggy glasses lenses. No more irritated eyes from dried-out contact lenses. No more losing your contact lenses. And no more getting things stuck under your contact lenses, whether it’s pollen or a stray eyelash!

But SMILE doesn’t only help you see without contacts or glasses. It provides you with better vision than you could achieve with visual aids.

Most SMILE patients end up with 20/20 vision or better. That means chances are excellent that after surgery, you’ll be able to see the world in high definition!

Don’t wait to ease your allergy symptoms and change your life. Schedule your SMILE consultation today at Manhattan LASIK Center in Manhattan, NY! Take charge of your life and your vision this allergy season!