Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

With FDA approval, 50 percent more people now qualify for the ReLEx SMILE procedure. This revolutionary advancement in vision correction cures incorrect curvatures in the cornea. Reshaping this part of the eye allows light to enter the eye at the correct angle clearing up blurriness and introducing more lines of sight. Manhattan LASIK Center is the only provider in New York offering this advanced operation.

Signs Of Astigmatism

  • Recurring eye strain
  • Regular headaches
  • Trouble seeing objects at night and during rainy conditions
  • Distortions when looking at faraway objects
  • Squinting often

Astigmatism Treatment By ZEISS SMILE

Now with FDA approval for Americans, the chance of qualifying for the newest innovation in laser vision correction drastically increases making it possible for thousands of more people the chance of getting 20/20 vision. Removing a tiny disc of tissue from the cornea instead of cutting a flap is the major advancement in the SMILE procedure. Getting rid of the flap drastically removes any chance of complications. Patients heal faster and often have much better vision in hours following the treatment. Patients with problems wearing contact lenses or blurry vision may be candidates for ReLEx SMILE.

ZEISS SMILE Astigmatism Treatment Benefits

  • Faster lifestyle recovery
  • Stronger corneal structures following the procedure
  • Less invasive with minimal nerve disruption
  • Twenty times smaller incision versus LASIK
  • Fewer problems with dry eyes
  • Single-stage operation

This new treatment is in its third year in operation in the United States. Only LASIK providers with the VisuMax Femtosecond laser have the ability to perform the ReLEx SMILE procedure. With FDA acceptance, this treatment is opening up lifestyles and giving people the chance to be more spontaneous. No more finding a safe place to stash your glasses when you want to jump in the action.