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A Week Post Lasik Surgery

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At one week following Lasik eye surgery, you should be close to attending your second post-operative eye exam. As long as things are going well, your surgeon may clear you to return to light and moderate activity. He or she will ask that you continue to refrain from using swimming pools and hot tubs as getting water in the eyes is still a danger. You may or may not be ready to begin using makeup and lotions again at this point.

Typical things to expect one week after Lasik surgery

At this point in your recovery, you will likely notice that your vision gets better than worse and back again. These changes are normal and expected following Lasik eye surgery. You might have problems with light sensitivity that continues beyond this point, but nothing that wearing sunglasses should not fix. Seeing halos or glare around lights, especially at night, can happen for several months following Lasik surgery. Any pain or excessive dry eye issues should be reported to your Lasik surgeon during your follow-up exam.

What to continue following Lasik eye surgery

Eating well, staying hydrated, and resting your eyes often are a few things that any Lasik surgeon will recommend you continue during healing. Eye drops will be a part of your daily routine for some time to come because they keep you from getting an infection and rinse the eye. The drops also keep the eyes moisturized so that they heal properly and cause you as little discomfort as possible. While you cannot swim or go skydiving just yet, you can enjoy a walk after dinner, getting in some crunches before bed, or going for a bicycle ride with friends as long as your Lasik surgeon approves these activities following your one-week checkup. As you heal, your surgeon will lessen the restrictions allowing you to return to all of your activities. Be patient and call Manhattan Lasik Center with any questions at 212-759-9617.