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Do you have refractive errors and want an alternative to glasses and contact lenses? The first thing you should think about is a laser vision correction procedure like SMILE.

SMILE is a vision correction procedure that provides permanent results and incredible vision! Sure, you’ve probably heard of LASIK, but SMILE has some significant advantages over it.

For one, it’s far less invasive and provides patients with crystal-clear vision in almost no time at all. It’s simple, low-risk, and easy to recover from.

Not only that, but SMILE can change your life for the better in so many different ways by giving you your best vision ever. Like any elective procedure, SMILE isn’t covered by medical insurance. But if you’re considering getting it, here’s why SMILE is worth the investment!

Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contact Lenses

Visual freedom is one of the main things a vision correction procedure can give you. When you get SMILE, you can see without needing traditional visual aids.

That means no more glasses and no more contact lenses. What’s more, most SMILE patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after the procedure! That’s far better than most people could see before SMILE.

Glasses are the most basic way to correct your vision, and they’ve been around for centuries. While many prefer glasses to contacts for comfort, they can be inconvenient for various reasons.

Anyone who wears glasses can tell you what a pain it is to lose or break them. Don’t forget how easy it is to smudge your lenses or get them dirty when you’re on the go.

Or the most recent frustrating problem for glasses wearers is how frustrating it is when they fog up, and you can’t see for minutes at a time. Most protective headwear or headgear isn’t designed to accommodate people who wear glasses.

That makes everything from hats to safety equipment much harder to wear. Wearing glasses with these things may cause frames to rub against the side of your head or cause extra pressure and discomfort.

Contact lenses may be preferable to glasses for some, but they also have drawbacks. For most contact lens wearers, they mean putting them in and taking them out daily.

If you leave them in too long, they dry out, which may cause irritation and other feelings of discomfort. Wearing contact lenses for longer than recommended can increase your risk of eye infections. Your risk of eye infections is far lower when you get SMILE than wearing contact lenses regularly!

After getting SMILE, you can do away with contacts and glasses altogether because you’ll be able to see without them. Not only will this eliminate many daily annoyances, but it will save you a lot of time and money.

Save Time and Money

Your time is precious, and dealing with contact lenses can feel like a time suck sometimes. When you get SMILE, you’ll get more time to yourself.

You’ll no longer have to change your contacts every morning and night. You also won’t need to take time to clean your glasses whenever they get dirty.

It may only seem like a few minutes here and there, but these add up quickly. Instead, you’ll get this time back for yourself, making these mundane tasks a thing of the past.

Wouldn’t you like more time to be productive and do things you love? Time is money, and besides saving you time, SMILE can also save you money.

Although SMILE does require an up-front cost, here at Manhattan LASIK Center, we offer patients robust financing options to make SMILE more affordable. Choosing SMILE will save you money by eliminating the expenses associated with glasses and contacts.

On average, people spend $500 yearly on glasses, contact lenses, and all the accessories that go with them. But since SMILE permanently corrects your vision, you can have years and years of clearer, pristine eyesight without needing any other visual aids.

That means you’ll save those hundreds year after year. Eventually, SMILE pays for itself; from that moment on, you’ll save money every year!

Make Everything Easier

It may seem a little farfetched, but having a procedure like SMILE makes your life easier. Not only will you no longer have to deal with the hassles of contact lenses and glasses, but you won’t have to worry about feeling like it’s holding you back during your daily activities.

It makes things like working out much better since you don’t have to think about if your glasses will slide down your nose while you’re sweating or if your contacts will get irritated when you get in the zone. But SMILE isn’t just good for those who like to be physically active.

It’s great for those who are socially active, too. Travel is more straightforward when you don’t have to worry as much while packing.

Did you pack enough spare contact lenses? Do you have a backup pair of glasses?

You no longer have to pack like your destination won’t have what you need to see because all you’ll need to see are your eyes. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax while you’re on vacation for a change?

Going out at night is also easier because you don’t have to worry about your eyes drying out from wearing your contacts too long. Even if you like to relax at home, SMILE makes it easier to cuddle up on the couch or pass out in front of the TV without waking up with irritated eyes or crushed glasses.

No matter who you are or what you do, SMILE can simplify your life and give you more energy to pursue your passions.

Give Yourself an Edge

SMILE doesn’t only help you see as well as you could with contact lenses or glasses. It also enables you to see better. Most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after SMILE!

Imagine what you can do when you have the kind of vision you’ve only dreamed of. Great vision can give you a leg up in any career or hobby.

Better depth perception means improved reaction times, which is great for athletes. Better color perception is excellent for anyone who works in arts and design.

No matter what you do, better vision and the convenience of being glasses-free and contact-free can give you an edge to boost your career, passions, and personal life.

Ready to take the next step? Find out if you’re a good SMILE candidate by scheduling your consultation at Manhattan LASIK Center in Roslyn, NY, today!