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Do you wish you could wake up with crystal-clear vision every morning? Are you ready for faster mornings that don’t involve fumbling around for your glasses or putting in your contact lenses while you’re still half-asleep?

Laser vision correction procedures are an alternative to glasses and contact lenses. These procedures correct your refractive error, allowing you to free yourself from visual aids and achieve the crisp, clear vision you’ve always dreamed of.

Many different ophthalmology practices offer a variety of laser vision correction procedures. But it’s integral to choose the best practice with the right experience.

Experience matters when it comes to surgeries, including eye procedures. Keep reading to learn why laser vision correction procedures work and who is qualified to perform these procedures.

How Laser Vision Correction Procedures Work

Although LASIK is the most widely-known and popular laser vision correction procedure, it’s not the only one available. Other options include PRK, which provides patients with virtually identical results to LASIK, and SMILE, which doesn’t create a flap in the cornea, making it less invasive.

However, these laser vision correction procedures use similar techniques of reshaping the cornea to correct refractive errors and improve vision. The cornea is the transparent front of your eye that light refracts through.

When you have refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, it’s due to the shape of your cornea. Refractive errors cause the cornea to be an irregular shape.

Rather than the cornea looking spherical, like a baseball or basketball, it may more closely resemble a football, making it more irregular. A laser vision correction procedure corrects refractive errors by removing an exact amount of corneal tissue with a laser or a combination of lasers.

This process permanently changes the shape of your cornea and corrects your refractive errors. The result? You can see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. Because your eyes are corrected beyond your original prescription, most patients can see 20/20 or better after one of these vision correction procedures!

Who Performs a Laser Vision Correction Procedure?

Only eye surgeons can perform laser vision correction procedures. Eye surgeons are ophthalmologists with medical degrees and extensive specialized training. These ophthalmologists have completed medical school and have a medical degree.

Doctors who perform vision correction procedures are almost always ophthalmologists who are certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. However, doctors can legally perform eye surgery even without board certification.

Although an ophthalmologist can perform laser eye procedures without being board certified, board certification is an excellent way to know that your ophthalmologist has the qualifications to perform these procedures. Being board certified indicates they have a certain level of education and experience, which are very important.

Extensive Experience Performing Laser Vision Correction Procedures

You want to be sure that the surgeon you choose to perform your laser vision correction procedure has extensive experience. Enough experience means they are more skilled and considered experts in laser vision correction procedures.

Performing these procedures hundreds if not thousands of times is the only way to ensure that a surgeon has sufficient experience. Laser vision correction surgery requires a certain degree of skill and precision, both of which take practice.

Choosing a surgeon who has performed laser vision correction procedures on many patients also means they will know how to communicate well. You should choose an ophthalmologist who makes you feel at ease and like they are trustworthy.

Choosing an ophthalmologist with a lot of experience also means they are more likely to have encountered complications and will know how to deal with them safely and effectively.

Other Things to Look for in an Eye Surgeon

Experience is essential when choosing a good surgeon, but it isn’t the only thing that makes a good surgeon. You also want an eye surgeon with extensive education and a good reputation.

You can easily ask your ophthalmologist about their education. They may also have a profile on their practice website.

As for reputation, you can look at online reviews, but remember that it’s easy for anyone to post an online review. Take what you read online with a grain of salt.

Look at overall trends rather than specific reviews. Does the practice seem inviting?

Are there more positive reviews than negative ones? Do patients seem satisfied with the results of their laser vision correction procedures? These are the things to think about when considering online reviews.

Aside from your surgeon’s experience, education, and reputation, what kind of equipment they use is also noteworthy. You want to ensure any potential eye surgeon uses the latest and most state-of-the-art technology and techniques available.

Many advances are being made in laser vision correction, so you don’t want to have a procedure at a practice that uses outdated equipment. You need the best surgeon and materials to get the best results.

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It can be hard to know where to start when looking into getting laser vision correction procedures. But if you want the best, Manhattan LASIK Center is the place to go. We offer many vision correction procedures, including LASIK, ultra-thin bladeless LASIK, EVO ICL, PRK, and SMILE.

We also offer monovision laser surgery for patients who want to correct their presbyopia and refractive errors. We use the latest technology during all procedures to ensure we give our patients the best possible results, ensuring that most patients have 20/20 vision or better.

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When you come to Manhattan LASIK Center for a vision correction procedure, you can rest assured that you’re choosing the best of the best.

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