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Congratulations on making it to your three-week post Lasik eye surgery appointment. You are now ready to resume most of your activities providing that you are healing properly. While some changes in vision are still expected, you can resume your fun sports and strenuous activities with some restrictions like wearing protective eyewear.

Lasik surgery expectations at three weeks post-surgery

You are likely to experience dry eyes or periods of watering while you heal. Dryness may require that you use artificial tears for some time, but you should be ready to use them less often in the coming weeks and months. Light sensitivity might plague some people at this point, but this is common and should lessen in time as well. Halos and glare should also clear up over the next month or two. Any problems that persist or do not improve should be reported to your Lasik specialist at your next appointment. Anything of extreme concern can be resolved with a phone call to your Lasik specialist at Manhattan Lasik Center at 212-759-9617.

Commonly approved activities three weeks after Lasik eye surgery

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Strenuous exercise routines
  • Swimming (with goggles)
  • Hot tub use (with protection)
  • Gardening
  • Jogging, hiking, boating

Three weeks after Lasik eye surgery means that it is almost time to get back to normal. Be sure to follow all guidelines outlined by your Lasik surgery staff for the best results. Continue using eye drops as needed unless your surgeon tells you to use them more often. Make sure to finish your follow-up appointments to ensure that you heal completely. Continuing to attend these eye appointments is an investment in getting the clearest vision possible, so don’t skip out on them. When you have questions, you can always give one of our friendly staff members at Manhattan Lasik Center a call at 212-759-9617 to find out anything you want to know about Lasik surgery.