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Why Bargain Lasik Is Not the Better Deal

Lasik eye surgeons that say you can pay $49 a month or less than $500 for one eye may not be all they claim. Often these discount deals do not include your post-operative visits, additional procedures for under treatment, and prescriptions. There are fewer chances of complications when the surgeon uses the most technologically advanced equipment.

Lasik eye surgery with high-tech equipment

High-quality Lasik surgery centers use the most advanced equipment. These tools minimize the chance of complications and give you more precise results.

Bargain Lasik surgery prices are usually for the lowest prescription

At bargain Lasik surgery centers, most people do not qualify for the lowest Lasik price. The lowest price is for conventional Lasik. People with astigmatism or farsightedness pay more because the procedure is more in-depth.

Low Lasik prices often leave out things that are included in expert packages

Many prominent Lasik Centers like Manhattan Lasik Center provide all-inclusive pricing that covers your procedure from start to finish. They also do not charge for consultations like many bargain Lasik surgeons. Bargain Lasik provider fees continue to add up all the way to your six-month check-up. These additions can cost you more than an inclusive package.

Red flags

Consumer Reports says that the following signs indicate that you should get another opinion:

• Risk-free listings or the surgeon does not answer your questions
• They cannot tell you what equipment they will use
• The surgeon has very few surgeries under his/her belt
• The complication rate for the physician is higher than five percent
• The surgeon is not the one who has the consultation with you
• They say you can get rid of glasses and contacts forever
• They cannot give you details about the surgeon

Your Lasik surgeon should be an expert. You should get answers to all of your Lasik eye surgery questions. Lower prices might mean a less precise result, higher complication rates, and hidden fees. Always contact an expert like Manhattan Lasik Center first. They have financing options with reasonable monthly payments that include everything.


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