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Is Lasik Good for Computer Programmers?

Many of you have written and asked whether Lasik eye surgery is a good thing if you are a computer programmer by trade. Experts say that Lasik is just as safe for programmers as it is for nurses, math teachers, surgeons, and other professionals that use their eyes for work.  The main thing is to choose a specialist that has tons of education, experience, and technology to give you optimal results.

Lasik eye surgery is a safe procedure with minimal risks of complication

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that there are more than 14 million people over the age of 12 who reported having severe vision issues. They continue to say that at least 11 million of these people can be helped with corrective eye procedures like Lasik eye surgery. This means that if you are a programmer who is having trouble seeing the computer screen clearly, or you spend all day working on a computer, you could be one of the 11 million people who could get help from Lasik surgery.

Lasik surgery is not painful

Some people say Lasik eye surgery can be slightly uncomfortable, but at no point should it be painful. Lasik often makes you feel like you have something in your eye. Programmers should regularly remind themselves to avoid rubbing their eyes since spending time on the computer is how you get the job done.
Since you depend on your eyes to program, you know that your sight is the key to your success. Our professionals at Manhattan Lasik Clinic understand your situation, which is why we suggest an in-depth exam with someone who has performed tens of thousands of Lasik procedures. We can help you find out how close to perfect you can get your vision. You may even get 20/20… or better!


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