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Bladeless LASIK is one of the newer types of laser vision corrections surgery. As you may have guessed from the name, unlike other varieties of laser eye surgery, this technique doesn’t involve the use of blades. Conventional LASIK is performed using microkeratome blades, which create the flap that is used to access the cornea for reshaping. Instead of using blades, in bladeless LASIK the flap is created by laser energy, provided by the femtosecond laser used to carry out the procedure. This laser is the ZEISS VisuMax.

The bladeless laser operates at extremely high speeds, enabling tissue to be targeted and divided at a molecular level, preventing any impact on the surrounding area. There’s no heat, and so no discomfort for the patient. Another key benefit of bladeless LASIK is that it can be programmed to create the flap’s depth and diameter based on your individual measurements. This means that the flap is created with unrivaled accuracy and precision and based entirely on the shape and size of your cornea.


ZEISS VisuMax is one of the newest and most advanced lasers available for laser vision correction procedures. Unlike other lasers, the ZEISS VisuMax is the only femtosecond laser that uses a curved contact surface, which is fully customizable so that it can mold perfectly to the unique shape of each patient’s cornea. With such an unrivaled degree of precision, the fit ensures maximum patient comfort since pressure placed onto the eyes during the procedure can be reduced. One of the biggest benefits of this is that patients can continue to see normally during their treatment – something which is altogether more reassuring when compared to the temporary vision loss that occurs in other laser vision correction techniques that use less advanced laser technology.

What are the Benefits of Bladeless LASIK?

Bladeless LASIK isn’t considered one of the most advanced and effective laser vision correction treatments for no good reason. There are a variety of benefits associated with this pioneering technique.

  • The flap that is created in bladeless LASIK is made with precision and accuracy that is unmatched by other laser vision correction techniques.
  • Bladeless LASIK is completely painless, and patients will not experience any discomfort during the procedure.
  • Using ZEISS VisuMax for bladeless LASIK, it’s possible to create flaps that are much thinner than those that can be made using microkeratome blades. This enables bladeless LASIK surgeons to correct higher prescriptions.
  • The shape, size, and thickness of the flap can be created based on your individual requirements.
  • The edges of the corneal flap can be structured in such a way that they can be replaced more easily into the remaining epithelium. This can help speed up the rate at which your eyes heal following bladeless LASIK surgery.
  • Patients are less likely to experience damage to the cornea following surgery.
  • Research has found that patients who choose bladeless LASIK have fewer incidences of complications than those who opt for standard LASIK¹.
  • Research has also found that patients who choose bladeless LASIK have significantly reduced their risk of developing dry eyes – a common side effect of conventional LASIK – after their procedure².

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