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Are you considering the Zeiss SMILE procedure but feeling uncertain and a bit nervous? That’s how our patient Caitlin felt as well. Rest assured, Caitlin’s story vividly illustrates the transformative power of SMILE and highlights the exceptional care she received throughout the process, affirming that there’s no need to feel nervous. So what are you waiting for? Caitlin’s detailed testimonial about her experience with Manhattan Lasik and Dr. Niksarli is a must-read for you! The full version of Caitlin’s review can be found on Google.

Caitlin says, “I cannot speak more highly of my experience with Manhattan Lasik and Dr. Niksarli.

Before the Surgery:

First, I had a phone consultation. The day of surgery, the center was very welcoming, as were the people (everyone was so nice!). First, they did a quick test to make sure I was a candidate for SMILE. Next, I squared away the paperwork, payment, and received instructions. Then Dr. Niksarli himself tested my prescription and fine-tuned it before surgery.

They gave me the standard dose of medication to help me relax, but I was still extremely nervous. They gave me more medication, and Dr. Niksarli assured me they would not take me back until I was 100% comfortable. I even heard him tell his assistant to take extra good care of me because I was so nervous. I was so heart-warmed by how kind and understanding everyone was – I was never once made to feel like I was holding anyone up, or that my anxiety was silly, or anything like that. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that!

The Surgery:

First, the doctor’s assistant went over everything I needed to know & what I should expect. She gave me a little post-op care bag with two kinds of eye drops (medicated for the first few days, and artificial tears to use as needed), heavy duty sunglasses, and a Tylenol PM to take that evening to help me rest. She gave me a blanket, and a teddy bear to hold. She also told me a little about the devices they were going to use to keep my eyes open, which was what I was most nervous about. She assured me that it would not be uncomfortable, and that I could still blink, and it would move with me. She was 100% right – I barely felt like I had anything there at all and felt absolutely no discomfort whatsoever at any point. She also gave me lots of numbing eye drops.

When the doctor came in, he was again very warm and kind. They do one eye at a time, and the eye not being worked on is kept closed. I cannot emphasize enough how gentle and light of hand Dr. Niksarli was – even the simple task of moving my eyelashes so they didn’t get caught was so gentle! The first part is the laser, which only lasts about 30 seconds per eye, and you literally feel NOTHING. All you do is look at a red dot – that’s it! Then they close that eye and do the same thing to the other. The second step, you look at a bright white light instead of a red dot, and everything is blurry, so you don’t see anything but the light. Dr. Niksarli talked to me throughout the entire thing, and told me how great I was doing, which was very comforting. Before I knew it, we were done! The whole thing lasted maybe 20-25 minutes.

After the Surgery:

I was tired afterwards, so when I got home, I went right to sleep. I woke up to eat some dinner and then went back to bed. My vision was immediately clear, aside from some blurring around the edges. My eyes felt a little irritated for the first couple of days, as if I had an eyelash in my eye. By Day 3, the eyelash feeling was gone, as were the blurry edges. The only thing I had that first week was some dry eye and sensitivity to light.

Two Weeks Later:

I went in for my post-op follow-up and went to the NYC location this time. By this point, I was already seeing great – my left eye was 100% perfect, and my right eye was only slightly less clear, but not significantly. Dr. Niksarli had a quick look at everything and assured me that the right eye would continue to improve as my eyes stabilized. He was right – it’s been about a month since my follow-up, and it has only continued to improve, and my vision is perfect!

If you are on the fence or feeling nervous, take this as your sign to DO IT! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Trust me when I say you’ll come out of there thinking, “that was it?” Thank you so much, Dr. Niksarli and team – this was a life-changing experience, and I am so grateful not only for my sight, but for being made to feel so welcomed, comforted, and well taken care of throughout the entire process.”

Caitlin’s journey towards achieving clear vision stands as an inspiring example for individuals contemplating Zeiss SMILE. Her experience shows the remarkable transformation that awaits prospective patients at Manhattan Lasik, where technology, care, and comfort come together to yield exceptional outcomes!

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