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Dizziness can happen for any variety of reasons, but when it does, it can affect everything you try to do. Can bad eyesight cause dizziness? Yes. Poor vision can make you feel confused or out of sorts. It can make you wobbly when standing. Eye pain and headaches are common with poor vision and dizziness too.

Symptoms of Dizziness

  • Disorientation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Feeling like your head is moving on its own
  • Worsening symptoms with activity
  • Almost falling when standing

Fixing dizziness causes by LASIK​

If you have poor eyesight, then there is something you can do about it. Do you want the chance to get 20/20 vision? Does your job require excellent eyesight? LASIK is an excellent answer for all of these situations.

Why let poor vision and dizziness make daily life difficult?

Do you notice you hold your phone close to your face to see it? Do you have headaches, pain when you move your eyes, facial tension, or overall tightness in your head, neck, or face? If you have these symptoms or wonder if fixing dizziness can help you feel and live better, then stop dealing with the symptoms and get answers. LASIK eye surgery and other vision corrections can help you see better and get back to enjoying reading the morning paper or picking up a magazine on the way to the cabin for the weekend.

You can permanently get rid of poor vision and dizziness with revolutionary treatments like the ZEISS SMILE procedure and bladeless LASIK eye surgery. Our surgeons at Manhattan LASIK Center can tell you if you qualify for one of these procedures or another laser vision correction. Call us today for a free consultation at 212-759-9617, and we can tell you what results you can expect from our groundbreaking operations.


Can Bad Eye Vision Cause Dizziness?

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