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A common concern about vision treatment is what happens if you have a vacation planned afterward. Many of our patients like to have LASIK in winters because it gives them better looks during the holidays and they can see clearly when visiting. We will answer some of the typical LASIK in winter questions we get from our patients.

Can you go on vacation after LASIK in winter?

Yes. Your healing time will dictate what activities you can take part in and enjoy. The good thing is that the waiting time is very short since you can get many bladeless techniques offering a faster healing time if you are a candidate.

What about flying?

Your surgeon can give you an exact time frame for waiting to fly, but in most cases, it is only a couple of days after your procedure. Cabin air is hotter and drier than regular air. If your surgeon does not prescribe a particular eye drop, then picking up a bottle of moisturizing eye drops is good.

Can I swim?

After about two weeks. Swimming can irritate the eyes. Be sure to ask your surgeon for an exact timeline.

Is skiing too rigorous after LASIK in winters?

Not as long as you wait a couple of weeks.

Can I drink after vision correction?

Yes. Moderation is recommended.

Is tanning safe after my procedure?

After six weeks or more. UV rays can permanently reverse LASIK results. Use high-quality sunglasses.

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