Posted by: Manhattan LASIK Center

What matters the most to you when you conder a LASIK surgery center? Are you more concerned with the cost of the procedure or the technology and skill the surgery staff utilizes? Not every discount LASIK procedure is worth the risk you take. We explain the differences below. 

Lasik Center Experience Is a Huge Consideration

Having the best equipment, most advanced eye-tracking software, and bladeless LASIK procedures mean nothing if you do not have a surgeon who has the skills and training to perform the procedure correctly. No one wants to hire a heart surgeon operating on a patient for the first time, so why trust your eyes to someone who is new to the industry. 

Advanced Technology Make A Significant Difference In Care And Quality

Discount LASIK prices are often low because newer surgeons or practices have older equipment. Advanced technologies and high-end lasers are expensive. Not every LASIK surgeon can outfit his or her operating room with cutting-edge technology. 

LASIK Surgery Center Deals And Discount Are Not Necessarily A Bargain

Low-cost LASIK does not mean experience and top equipment are available for a lower price. These basement bargains are more about drawing in business to build the reputation for a new surgeon, or to boost the funds for a provider attempting to boost a brand. Discount deals are not worth the change you will get sub-par results. 

With a permanent procedure like LASIK, you do not want to compromise your eye health because of a low-cost deal. Not every cheap LASIK offer uses the most advanced equipment like Manhattan Lasik Center. To get the best opportunity to achieve perfect, or near-perfect vision, choose a LASIK surgery center with five-star ratings, top technologies, tens of thousands of successful procedures, and highly experienced surgeons.