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Celebrities That Had Lasik Eye Surgery

If you are among the millions of people who want to look and feel better by getting rid of your glasses or contact lenses, then you might want to consider Lasik eye surgery. Millions of people successfully have Lasik eye surgery each year. We compiled a list of popular celebrities and some of their experiences.

Personalities Who Had Lasik Eye Surgery and Loved Their Results

Jimmy Fallon and Jessica Simpson had the worst visual acuity with them both being “almost” legally blind. Fallon had Lasik eye surgery in 2009 and documented his results saying that he loved the outcome. Simpson experienced nearly immediate vision improvement when she had Lasik surgery. Kim Kardashian went dancing the day after her procedure, but this is not a recommended action by any means. Blake Shelton was belting out the tunes three days after his 2015 Lasik eye surgery. He said he wished he had not waited so long. Regis Philbin had monovision, a type of Lasik surgery that corrects one eye for nearsighted vision and one for farsighted clarity. Shay Mitchell allowed the world to follow her process.

Lasik Surgery is Not Painful

The surgeon places numbing drops in the eye before the procedure, so you do not feel anything during the process. Some people say that they felt some discomfort, burning, or itching after Lasik eye surgery. Often, the feelings of itchiness go away within the first two days following Lasik surgery. The dryness could take a month or more to subside.

People in all sorts of lifestyles want to see clearly without glasses and contacts. You can trust our experts at Manhattan Lasik Center ® to help you get results like the celebrities we mentioned. You can love life and have more freedom with Lasik.

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