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How Should You Prepare For a Lasik Eye Surgery?

Getting ready for your Lasik surgery

Before Lasik, you will want to complete all your preoperative visits and exams so the surgeon has all the information they need. You will want to stop wearing contact lenses for as long as three weeks before your surgery because contacts change the shape of the cornea, especially rigid gas permeable contact lenses. You should do much reading about Lasik surgery so that you understand the surgery and know what to expect before and after surgery.

Plan transportation

Since you will not be able to see clearly after your Lasik surgery, you will need to arrange for transportation from the office to your home on the day of surgery. At your one-day follow-up exam, the Lasik surgeon will test you to see if your vision is clear enough to drive safely.

Take time away from sports and swimming

After you have Lasik eye surgery, your specialist will warn you to stay away from saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools, and sports. Extreme exercises like kickboxing and mixed martial arts are something you will need to avoid. Some of these activities can cause the corneal flap to shift out of place. Participating in these activities can also cause the flap to heal incorrectly even if it stays in place. You may have to stop using lotions and eye makeup for some time to avoid any complications. Experts like the ones at Manhattan Lasik Center ® will make sure you are prepared for your Lasik surgery.

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