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Contact lens intolerance causes millions to suffer through ongoing pain whenever they try to wear their lenses. Studies show that millions of people have such severe irritation that they develop intolerance and continual pain whenever they attempt to wear contact lenses.

Manhattan LASIK Center patient Wanda was experiencing these issues. She told us, “I had been using contacts since age 16. My eyes started rejecting the contacts. It became uncomfortable to put them on, at least 15 minutes of struggle, and then my eyes were red and itchy by the time they came on.” She’s just like millions of other contact lens wearers. The ongoing pain caused by inflammation (not to mention the impact of dust and allergens) can make wearing contacts a burden. Wanda also fell victim to the common habit of regularly falling asleep and forgetting to take out her contacts. She says “The task of taking time to put my contacts on and making sure I didn’t fell asleep with them or having to walk around with extra contacts and contact solutions were wearing me down.”

Contact Lens Intolerance Can Become a Chronic Condition

For many people, contact lens irritation has morphed into an intolerance where they feel dry eye, irritation, and pain constantly when wearing their lenses. Approximately 40% of wearers say the worst symptom is dry eye, which feels like the eyes have little to no tears or lubrication. It is caused by a lack of sufficient oxygen getting to the eyes as they are covered with contact lenses for hours at a time. Over time, this can cause damage and scarring to the cornea.

Manhattan LASIK Center patient Soltier said, “SMILE corrected my astigmatism and dry eyes that I had been struggling with for so long! My eyes would get so dry from constantly wearing contact lenses and even falling asleep in them that I had to put lubricant drops several times a day. Sometimes they were so dry that my contacts would fall right out of my eyes. It also became an expensive bill. Now I feel safer driving and I no longer have to worry about my eyes itching or closing due to dryness while on the road.”

There is Help for Sufferers of Contact Lens Intolerance

The SMILE treatment uses a precise laser to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism, making it a viable option for millions of contact lens sufferers. SMILE is quickly becoming the standard in laser vision correction with more than four million people have had their lives transformed with SMILE. In fact, Dr. Niksarli believes in laser vision correction so much that he performed LASIK on his sister:

Dr. Kevin Niksarli says “I believe laser eye surgery is such a safe and excellent solution for those who suffer from CLI, that I performed laser vision correction surgery on my sister, Hilda Halajian 18 years ago”.

Hilda says “I had been nearsighted and needed prescription eyeglasses since the age of 10. When I was 15, I had started wearing contact lenses and I wore them every single day. I was nearsighted with a -3.75 prescription. 18 years ago at the age of 40, I decided to get laser vision correction treatment by my brother, Dr. Niksarli. Basically, all those years I was tired of wearing contacts! Lately, I had started to experience more and more symptoms of Contact Lens Intolerance such as dryness and redness in my eyes. Sometimes I wasn’t even able to wear make-up! Especially early in the mornings and late in the afternoons, my eyes would get dry, and I couldn’t tolerate wearing contacts.

I wasn’t able to wear them on an airplane either because my eyes were very dry and the dry air in the plane made it even worse. In a way, I had started wearing my glasses more than my contacts. Once I got my procedure done it was like the start of a new life for me! I could see everything very clearly without the use of contacts – my eyesight was 20/20! My eyes were not dry anymore, and I was so happy with the outcome of the procedure. Since then, I tell the patients in my brother’s LASIK practice every day about how I used to struggle with my contacts myself and how getting LASIK changed my life!”

SMILE is a minimally invasive approach to laser vision correction that has helped many patients correct their vision and avoid the symptoms and struggles associated with contact lens intolerance. SMILE is fast, taking less than thirty seconds from beginning to end, and allows for quick recovery. Most patients are back at work, without restrictions, the next day.

With SMILE, patients see immediately, and most people can kiss their contact lens irritation bye-bye.

Manhattan LASIK Center patient Aaron gave us an update, “My SMILE procedure was hands down the best investment of my life. There are days I wake up and still can’t believe that I have 20/20 vision. The procedure was easy and painless, and the recovery was so fast that I was jogging the next day like normal. I don’t miss the dry eye and redness from contacts. Free at last! This was hands down the best gift I ever got myself.”

You, too, can stop the pain of contact lens irritation and take control of your lifestyleSchedule your consultation with Dr. Niksarli and find out if SMILE is the best option for your contact lens intolerance.